Valentine's Quiz Questions

Valentine’s Day Quiz – Round 5 – TV and Film

Valentine’s Quiz Questions – This round is all about Valentine-themed and romantic TV and film.

1. What is the first name of Holby City’s Doctor Valentine?


2. Who played Shirley Valentine in the 1989 film?

Pauline Collins

3. In the 1993 film ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ the main characters, Sam and Annie, finally get together on Valentine’s Day – At which building do they meet?

The Empire State Building

4. Which English actor played Toby Meres in ‘Callan’, A.J. Raffles in ‘Raffles’ and George Wilson in ‘Coronation Street’?

Anthony Valentine

5. In the Simpsons episode ‘I Love Lisa’, who does Lisa give a Valentine’s Day card to when she realises that he hasn’t received any?

Ralph Wiggum

6. In one Valentine’s Day ‘Friends’ episode Joey accidentally sets Chandler up on a blind date with Janice when Chandler agrees to go on a double date. What is the episode called? ‘The One with the…’

Candy Hearts

7. The 2010 film ‘Valentine’s Day’ tells the story of various interconnected residents of which US city?

Los Angeles

8. In which 1994 romantic comedy film does Andie McDowell’s character Carrie say “Is it still raining? I hadn’t noticed” after Charles declares his love for her in the pouring rain?

Four Weddings and a Funeral

9. In a ‘Frasier’ episode entitled ‘Three Valentines’, two of the characters decide to have a meal together when they realise that neither has a date. Which two?

Martin and Daphne

10. In which 1987 romantic comedy film does an Italian-American woman played by Cher fall in love with her fiancé’s younger brother, who was played by Nicholas Cage?



To download the Valentine’s quiz questions as a PDF contestant question paper, please click on the link below:





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