True or False

True or False Quizzes – A selection of ready-made pub quiz questions where all contestants must do is decide if the question is true or false.

True or false

Quiz 65 – Round 6 – True or False

This true or false round is all about Guinness World Records. Simply answer true or false. All answers are verified by the Guinness World Records website. As records are broken all of the time (and the site itself states that records may sometimes need updating), I have included the date of the record in brackets after the questions.

1. A man from the USA consumed his 26,000th Big Mac on 11th October 2012, after eating at least one a day for forty years. (11th October 2012)


2. The longest distance swam underwater in one breath is 200metres. (6th November 2008)


3. The fastest time to eat 15 Ferrero Rocher is 1 minute 10 seconds. (24th October 2014)

False – it is 2 minutes 22 seconds

4. The record for most needles inserted into the head is 15,000. (11th June 2013)

False – it is 2,188

5. The world’s longest legs belong to a Russian lady and measure 132cm (51.9 inches) (8th July 2003)


6. The heaviest aircraft pulled by a single man weighed 188.83 tonnes and was pulled 8.8 metres. (17th September 2009)


7. The record for the fastest time to solve a Rubik’s Cube one-handed is 37 seconds. (26th April 2014)

False – it is 12.56 seconds

8. The world’s tallest living man is 251cm / 8 ft 3 in. (9th February 2011)


9. The most expensive car number plate, showing only the number ‘1’, was bought in the United Arab Emirates for 52.2 million dirham, the approximate equivalent of £7.2 million. (16th February 2008)


10. The record for the longest rail tunnel is held by the Channel Tunnel between Britain and France. (15th October 2010)

False – it is held by the Gotthard Rail Tunnel, Switzerland, beneath the Alps and measures 35.42 miles. The Channel Tunnel is 31.4 miles





True or false

Quiz 64 – Round 6 – True or False

Quite simply true or false.

1. Sir Paul McCartney’s middle name is James

False – James is his first name, his middle name is actually Paul

2. Jupiter is the fifth planet from the sun.


3. Gillian Anderson was born in Chicago, Illinois.


4. Lithium has the atomic number 17.

False – it is number 3

5. The Guinness World Record for most fingers and toes at birth is held by an Indian man born with 14 fingers and 20 toes in total.


6. The oldest building in the world is the Pyramid of Djoser in Egypt.

False – the oldest building is thought to be the Cairn of Barnenez, a Neolithic monument in Brittany, France. Many others are older than the pyramids.

7. Engelbert Humperdinck was born in 1928.

False – he was born in 1936

8. Sir Steve Redgrave is the only rower to have received the award of BBC Sports Personality of the Year.


9. Hotmail was launched in 1996.


10. From the ground to the torch, the Statue of Liberty is 93 metres high.






True or false

Quiz 39 – Round 5 – True or False

1. There are some wasps that make honey.

True (The polistine/paper wasp is one such wasp)

2. Marie Curie’s husband was called Pierre.


3. The Lutine Bell can be found in Lloyds of London.


4. Seoul is the capital of North Korea.

False – it is the capital of South Korea

5. According to Scottish law, it is illegal to be drunk in charge of a cow.


6. The violent gang of youths in ‘A Clockwork Orange’ were called the ‘Groods’.

False. They were the ‘Droogs’

7. Danny Jones is a member of the band McFly.


8. In the television series ‘Mork and Mindy’, Mindy was played by Erin Moran.

False, she was played by Pam Dawber. Erin Moran played Joanie in ‘Happy Days’.

9. Beth Tweddle won a Silver Medal at the 2012 London Olympic Games.

False – she won Bronze on the uneven bars

10. Marie Antoinette was married to Louis XVI of France.






Halloween Quiz – Round 3 – True Or False

Quite simply – true or false?

1. In Mexico they celebrate ‘El Día de los muertos’ (The Day of the Dead), which instead of being one day, as the title suggests, starts at midnight on October 31st and lasts until November 2nd.


2. UK shops earn more revenue from Halloween than they do from Bonfire Night


3. In the year 2020, Halloween will fall on a Tuesday.

False – it will fall on a Saturday

4. The Celtic festival of ‘Samhain’ marks the end of the harvest season and takes place from sunset on October 31st until sunset on November 1st.


5. The child actress Heather O’Rourke, famous for playing Carol Anne Freeling in Spielberg’s ‘Poltergeist’, died in February 1988, aged 12, four months before the third ‘Poltergeist’ film was released.


6. Christopher Lee, famous for portraying Count Dracula in Hammer Horror films, was born on Halloween in 1922.

False- he was born in 1922, but on 27th May

7. Brandon Lee died during filming for ‘The Crow’ in 1994 after an accident with a prop gun during a shooting scene. 


8. Michael Keaton was originally offered Johnny Depp’s leading role in the 1990 film ‘Edward Scissorhands.’


9. Jack MacGowran and Vasiliki Maliaros both acted in the film ‘The Exorcist’ and died in the same year it was released.


10. Stephen King’s ‘The Shining’ was originally called ‘Halloween Hotel’.


True or false

Quiz 20 – Round 5 – True or False

Quite simple – true or false?

1. Alliumphobia is a fear of garlic.


2. ‘Fauntleroy’ is the middle name of Donald Duck.


3. Henry VIII had an extra finger on each hand.

False – There was a rumour that Anne Boleyn had an extra finger, although this is untrue.

4. The singer ‘Cher’ was born Cherilyn Sarkisian.


5. Alfred Hitchcock had no belly button as it was removed during surgery.


6. The ‘black box’ in an aeroplane is black.

False – it is orange.

7. Michael Jackson had a pet python called ‘Crusher’.


8. The distance, as the crow flies, from London to Edinburgh, is greater than the distance from London to Glasgow.

False – London to Edinburgh = 333 miles, London to Glasgow = 346 miles

9. Geri Halliwell named her daughter ‘Bluebell Madonna’.


10. Brendan O’Carroll, famous as ‘Mrs Brown’ from ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys’ is the cousin of Kenneth Branagh.






True or false

Quiz 18 – Round 5 – True or False

1. As far as has ever been reported, no-one has ever seen an ostrich bury its head in the sand.


2. Approximately one quarter of human bones are in the feet.

True – 52 bones in the feet and 206 in the whole body.

3. Popeye’s nephews were called Peepeye, Poopeye, Pipeye and Pupeye.


4. In ancient Rome, a special room called a vomitorium was available for diners to purge food in during meals.

False – It was the name for the entranceway to a stadium, nothing more.

5. The average person will shed 10 pounds of skin during their lifetime.

False – they will shed approximately 40.

6. Sneezes regularly exceed 100 m.p.h.


7. A slug’s blood is green.


8. The Great Wall Of China is visible from the moon.

False – at a low orbit the Great Wall is visible, but no man-made structure is visible from outer space or the moon.

9. Virtually all Las Vegas gambling casinos ensure that they have no clocks.


10. The total surface area of two human lungs have a surface area of approximately 70 square metres.






True or false

Quiz 10 – Round 4 – True or False

It is quite simple – the answer to each of the following questions is either true or false. Sound easy?

1. There are 259 steps up to the ‘Whispering Gallery’ in St Paul’s Cathedral.


2. The reverse of the Nobel Peace Prize, shows three naked men, standing with their hands on each other’s shoulders.


3. Centipedes always have 100 feet.


4. The world record for a human to hold their breath underwater is 8 minutes 27 seconds.

False, in 2016 a Spanish diver named Aleix Segura Vendrell held his breath underwater for 24 minutes and 3 seconds.

5. Olympus Mons, Mount Olympus on Mars, is taller than Mount Everest.

True – Mount Olympus is approximately 22km tall, Mount Everest is only 8,848 m

6. The world’s oldest known tree is over 9000 years old.

True – In 2008 a tree calculated to be 9550 years old was found in Sweden

7. A cross between a horse and a zebra is called a Hobra.

False – the offspring of a male zebra and a female horse is called a ‘zorse’, the other way around is called a ‘zonkey’.

8. 111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987,654,321


9. Muscle turns to fat if you stop exercising.

False – muscle cells and fat cells are two different types of cell.

10. The world’s smallest book is 1cm wide, 1cm tall and 4mm deep.

False – The smallest book in 2008 measured 2.4 x 2.9 mm and was presented in a wooden box with a magnifying glass.


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