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Geography Quiz Questions

Quiz 21 – Round 5 – The World

This week’s Geography round is all about capital cities – we will give you the name of city, you need to give us the name of the country of which it is capital.

1. Antananarivo


2. Ankara


3. Manila


4. Paramaribo


5. Zagreb


6. Wellington

New Zealand

7. Santiago


8. Kiev


9. Douglas

Isle of Man

10. Damascus






Geography Quiz Questions

Quiz 19 – Round 5 – The World

1. In terms of land mass, which is the smallest US state?

Rhode Island

2. Which is the most northerly European capital city?


3. Only one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World still stands, which is it?

The Great Pyramid at Giza

4.On which island would you find the holiday resort of Faliraki?


5. What is the capital city of Romania?


6. The ‘New Shekel’ is the currency of which country?


7. KLM is the national airline of which country?


8. ‘CDG’ is the international code for which airport?

Charles De Gaulle International Airport, Paris

9. How many countries share a border with Chile?

3 – Peru, Bolivia and Argentina

10. In which country would you find ‘Angkor Wat’, the largest Hindu temple complex and religious monument in the world?






Christmas Around the World

Christmas Quiz – Round 4 – Christmas Around The World

Christmas Around the World – Ten questions on how Christmas is celebrated in different countries.

1. How would a French person wish you a Merry Christmas?

Joyeux Noël

2. ‘O Tannenbaum’ is a German Christmas carol – what is it in English?

O Christmas Tree

3. In 1841, Prince Albert brought a Christmas tree over to England and displayed it in Windsor Castle – Which country did it come from?


4. What is New Year’s Eve called in Scotland?


5. The poinsettia plant originally came from which country?


6. Which country traditionally gives London the Christmas tree for Trafalgar Square each year?


7. What is the name of the container, mostly associated with Mexico and made of  papier-mâché or cloth,which children then break to release the gifts?


8. Christmas Island belongs to which country?


9. Which city is generally considered to be the birthplace of Jesus?


10. In which country would you be if you were wished a ‘Prettig Kerstfeest’ instead of a ‘Merry Christmas’?



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Quiz 16 – Round 6 – The World

1. Cristo Redentor is the native name of a statue in which city?

Rio de Janeiro (Christ The Redeemer)

2. In terms of land mass, which is the smallest country that was formed out the former Soviet Union?


3. Which is the largest island in the Pacific Ocean?

New Guinea

4. How many gold stars are there on the flag of the European Union?


5. Antananarivo is the capital city of which country?


6. Which famous London building would you find on Kensington Gore?

The Royal Albert Hall

7. Which desert covers parts of northern China and southern Mongolia?

The Gobi desert

8. Which area of Paris is home to the Sacré Cœur and the Moulin Rouge?


9. Douglas, Castletown and Ramsey are major towns of which island?

The Isle of Man

10. What is the name of the island in Table Bay, off the coast of South Africa, which has housed prisoners such as Nelson Mandela and Govan Mbeki?

Robben Island






Quiz 9 – Round 5 – The World

1. Which island group includes Tenerife and Lanzarote?

The Canary Islands

2. In which English county would you find Stratford-Upon-Avon?


3. Paramaribo is the capital city of which South American country?


4. ‘ET’ is the international car registration code for  which country?


5. In which country would you find the Taurus mountains?


6. Which motorway is only 7.9 miles long and runs from Junction 17 of the M1 to the A45 southwest of Rugby?


7. Which is the largest country in Scandinavia?


8. Which country uses the Lev as its currency?


9. Which country uses the Internet domain extension .lv?


10. What is the world’s third largest sea?






Geography Quiz Questions

Quiz 8 – Round 2 – The World

This week we have 10 more famous landmarks for you. Just like last week, we will give you the landmark and you need to tell us the name of the country in which you will find it.

1. Capitol Hill

USA (Washington DC)

2. Hagia Sophia

Turkey (Istanbul)

3. The Alhambra

Spain (Granada)

4. St. Basil’s Cathedral

Russia (Moscow)

5. Chichen Itza


6. Machu Picchu


7. The Great Buddha


8. Sahib Golden Temple


9. Spanish Steps

Italy (Rome)

10. Temple of Artemis of The Ephesians

Turkey (Ephesus)





famous landmarks quiz

Quiz 7 – Round 6 – The World

This week’s geography round is a famous landmarks quiz. We will give you the name of a landmark, you need to tell us the name of the country it is in.

1. The Acropolis


2. Potala Palace


3. The Petronas Twin Towers


4. Brandenburg Gate


5. Angel Falls


6. Christ The Redeemer


7. Belvedere Palace


8. Angkor Wat


9. Konark Sun Temple


10. Petra



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Geography Quiz Questions and Answers

Quiz 2 – Round 4 – Geography

1. How many miles as the crow flies is it from John O’Groats to Land’s End? 603, 703 or 803?

603 miles.

2. In which country would you find the Dolomite mountains?


3. Lima is the capital of which Country?


4. Which 2 main London railway stations have the word Cross in their names?

Charing Cross and Kings Cross.

5. Which is the largest lake to be situated entirely within Canada?

Lake Bear (Lake Superior is only partly within Canada)

6.  Which is the largest island in the World?

Greenland (accept also Australia if you wish – please see comments below)

7. How many Countries does Mexico border?

3  (U.S.A, Guatemala and Belize)

8.  The Bahamas lie off the coast of which US state?


9.  In which capital city would you be if you had visited Grafton Street and the Ha’penny bridge?


10. Which English airport would you find off junction 8 of the M11?

London Stansted

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Geography Quiz Questions

Quiz 1-Round 1-Geography

1. What is the name of the official national anthem of the USA?

The Star-Spangled Banner

2. Which female politician was the Prime Minister of Australia between 2010 and 2013?

Hon. Julia Gillard MP

3. What is the capital city of Afghanistan?


4. Which two colours are on the flag of Poland?

Red and white

5. Which is the only US state to begin with the letter ‘P’?


6. On a UK Monopoly board, which street shares the same colour as Leicester Square and Piccadilly?

Coventry Street

7. The bank Santander shares its name with a town in which country?


8. Paraguay has borders with Brazil, Bolivia and which other country?


9. The summit of Mount Everest sits on the border between which two countries?

Nepal and China

10. What is the national currency of Egypt?

The Pound

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