Shakespeare Quiz Questions

Quiz 151 – Round 2 – Shakespeare

Shakespeare Quiz Questions – In which of Shakespeare’s plays do all of the three listed characters appear?

1. Duncan, Donalbain and Banquo


2. Mistress Ford, Mistress Page and Falstaff

The Merry Wives of Windsor

3. Prospero, Miranda and Ariel

The Tempest

4. Rosalind, Jacques and Touchstone

As You Like It

5. Horatio, Ophelia and Gertrude


6. Malvolio, Olivia and Viola

Twelfth Night

7. Goneril, Regan and Cordelia

King Lear

8. Oberon, Titania and Lysander

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

9. Leontes, Hermione and Perdita

The Winter’s Tale

10. Katherine, Bianca and Petruchio

The Taming of the Shrew


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