Politics Quizzes – A selection of ready-made pub quiz questions and answers on the subject of politics.

Famous Spouses Quiz

Quiz 144 – Round 4 – Famous Spouses

Famous spouses quiz. Can you name the spouse of these Prime Ministers of the UK? First names will suffice. In the case of wives we have added the maiden name in brackets for information only, although you could award bonus points if you wish.

1. David Cameron

Samantha (Sheffield)

2. Harold Wilson

Mary (Baldwin)

3. Margaret Thatcher


4. James Callaghan

Audrey (Moulton)

5. Winston Churchill

Clementine (Hozier)

6. Theresa May


7. Anthony Eden

Clarissa (Spencer-Churchill)

8. John Major

Norma (Johnson)

9. Harold Macmillan

Dorothy (Lady Dorothy Cavendish)

10. Gordon Brown

Sarah (Macauley)


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Words quiz

Quiz 96 – Round 6 – Anagrams

The following are all anagrams of the names of former Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom.


1. Churlish Nit Clown

Winston Churchill

2. Brainy Lot

Tony Blair

3. Recharge That Tram

Margaret Thatcher

4. Hollow Drains

Harold Wilson

5. Cattle Element

Clement Attlee

6. Annoyed Then

Anthony Eden

7. Petrol Beer

Robert Peel

8. Hard Hat Weed

Edward Heath

9. Smarmy Old Canada

Ramsay MacDonald

10. Artful Harbour

Arthur Balfour





True or False

Quiz 72 – Round 2 – Politics

Politician nicknames quiz – Which UK politicians have been known by the following nicknames?

1. The Prince of Darkness

Peter Mandelson

2. The Welsh Windbag

Neil Kinnock

3. Gorgeous George

George Galloway

4. Tarzan

Michael Heseltine

5. The Duke of Burgundy

Roy Jenkins

6. The Beast of Bolsover

Dennis Skinner

7. Two Jags

John Prescott

8. The Welsh Wizard

David Lloyd George

9. Doris Karloff

Ann Widdecombe

10. Chat Show Charlie

Charles Kennedy


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Quiz 56 – Round 2 – Anagrams

The following are all anagrams of UK politicians.

1. Join Horn Boss

Boris Johnson

2. Sad Bell

Ed Balls

3. Random Advice

David Cameron

4. Baited Baton

Diane Abbott

5. Bland Duvet Kit

David Blunkett

6. Unchains Nit Maid

Iain Duncan Smith

7. Ordained Siren

Nadine Dorries

8. Trailing Radials

Alistair Darling

9. Puny Adornment

Penny Mordaunt

10. Mocking Yarn

Nicky Morgan





True or False

Quiz 23 – Round 4 – Politics

Don’t expect anything particularly highbrow – these questions are loosely based on politics…

1. A member of which pop band soaked John Prescott with a bucket of water at the 1998 Brit Awards?


2. Who was Britain’s youngest ever Prime Minister?

William Pitt the Younger (Age 24)

3. The faces of which four U.S. presidents are carved into the granite of Mount Rushmore?

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln

4. Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister in 1979 – but who was the last Conservative Prime Minister before her?

Edward Heath (1970 – 1974)

5. And who was the last Liberal to hold the post of Prime Minister?

David Lloyd George (1916 – 1922)

6. The Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara was born in which country?


7. Which member of Adolf Hitler’s parliament held the post of ‘Minister for Public Enlightenment and Propaganda’ from 1933 to 1945?

Joseph Goebbels

8. Was Ronald Reagan a Democrat or a Republican?


9. Which former dictator of Chile was arrested in London in 1998 and at the time of his death in 2006 still had around 300 allegations pending against him?

Augusto Pinochet

10. The Treaty of Versailles was a peace settlement signed at the end of which war?

World War I