Money Quizzes – Pub quiz rounds of ten questions on the subject of Money.


Quiz 70 – Round 5 – Money

This round is all about money. What is the value of the following? (Correct as of 09/03/2015)

Answers 1, 4, 7 and 9 should be given exactly – accept all others to the nearest pound.

1. The cost of a first class stamp


2. The cost of a standard television licence


3. Cost of a UK passport renewal, without a Post Office checking service


4. Cost of an English NHS prescription


5. Official maximum cost of a car M.O.T.


6. Cost to renew a UK driving License online after expiry


7. Cost of a second class stamp


8. Full Jobseeker’s Allowance for those aged 25 or over, per week


9. The UK tax threshold (tax year 2014/15)


10. London congestion charge, per day, without Auto Pay








Quiz 37 – Round 3 – Money

The idea of this round is very simple – we will give you the name of a country – you need to give us the name of its currency.

1. Rwanda

Rwandan Franc

2. China

Renminbi (accept also Yuan)

3. Argentina

Argentine Peso

4. Iceland

Icelandic Króna

5. Switzerland

Swiss Franc

6. Poland

Polish Zloty

7. Finland


8. Thailand

Thai Baht

9. Macedonia

Macedonian Denar

10. Nigeria

Nigerian Naira