Measurements and Conversions

Quiz 87 – Round 6 – Measurements and Conversions

1. How many millilitres are there in twenty litres?

20 thousand

2. If you weighed 8 stone, what would that be in kilograms?

51 (accept answers within 3)

3. What is 735.7 cm rounded to 3 significant figures?


4. How many feet are there in a fathom?


5. How many millimetres are there in 80cm?


6. What fraction of a litre is 200ml?

one fifth (1/5)

7. Which number is represented in binary as 1000?


8. How many centilitres are there in 5 standard sized bottles of wine?

375 cl (One wine bottle holds 75 cl)

9. What is a ‘decametre’?

A unit of length equivalent to ten metres

10. St. Paul’s Cathedral is 365 feet tall. How tall is it in metres?

111 (Accept answers within 3)


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