Anagrams quizzes – a selection of anagrams by topics such as British towns, famous politicians, singers, actors and many more. Download the PDF contestant question paper and hand out to contestants to make this particular type of round easier for quizzers.


Quiz 58 – Round 4 – Anagrams

This round is a selection of anagrams. All of the following can be rearranged to make the name of a famous singer.

1. Online Dice

Celine Dion

2. Jibes Tribune

Justin Bieber

3. Why Not Outshine

Whitney Houston

4. Lisp Severely

Elvis Presley

5. Drabber Artisans

Barbra Streisand

6. Nearby Priests

Britney Spears

7. Marble Boy

Bob Marley

8. Roman Rubs

Bruno Mars

9. Miserable Junk Tit

Justin Timberlake

10. Online Annex

Annie Lennox






Quiz 56 – Round 2 – Anagrams

The following are all anagrams of UK politicians.

1. Join Horn Boss

Boris Johnson

2. Sad Bell

Ed Balls

3. Random Advice

David Cameron

4. Baited Baton

Diane Abbott

5. Bland Duvet Kit

David Blunkett

6. Unchains Nit Maid

Iain Duncan Smith

7. Ordained Siren

Nadine Dorries

8. Trailing Radials

Alistair Darling

9. Puny Adornment

Penny Mordaunt

10. Mocking Yarn

Nicky Morgan