St Patrick's Day Pub Quiz Questions

St. Patrick’s Day Quiz – Round 5 – Links

St Patrick’s Day Pub Quiz Questions with a task at the end. If all ten questions are answered correctly, the first letter of each will spell out a St Patrick’s Day-related word when added together and jumbled up. You could award extra points for teams who work out the link.

1. Which country is bordered by Costa Rica to the left, Colombia to the east/southeast, the Caribbean Sea to the north and the Pacific Ocean to the south?


2. Which medical procedure, sometimes also referred to as AFT, is offered to expectant mothers to test for genetic or chromosomal conditions?

Amniocentesis/Amniotic fluid test

3. Which chemical element has the symbol Pb?


4. Which word, which has been taken from French, means to meet at an agreed time and place?


5. Which album cover depicts a naked baby boy swimming underwater in pursuit of a dollar note attached to a fish hook?

Nevermind (Nirvana)

6. ‘Parapluie’ is the French word for which useful item?


7. Which London women’s prison was closed in July 2016 due its age and after being branded ‘inadequate’ by inspectors?


8. Which Scottish singer and songwriter has released albums entitled ‘Our Version of Events’ and ‘Long Live the Angels’?

Emili Sandé

9. In which city in central France would you find a highly distinctive cathedral constructed entirely of black lava stone?


10. What is the name of the branch of zoology which is concerned with the study of insects?



When all of the answers are correct, the first letter of each can be rearranged to spell ‘Leprechaun‘.


To download the quiz as a PDF contestant question paper, with questions only plus spaces for answers, please click on the link below:





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