Quiz 99 – Round 7 – General Knowledge

1. On which day of the year is Bastille Day (La fête nationale) celebrated in France?

14th July

2. In Europe, what colour denotes the easiest grade of ski slope, or ‘nursery slope’?


3. ‘Genou’ is the French word for which part of the body?


4. Which football team plays at Boundary Park?

Oldham Athletic

5. Which American socialite and amateur soprano who was mocked for her poor singing ability has become the subject of a 2016 Stephen Frears film starring Meryl Streep?

Florence Foster Jenkins

6. At 234 minutes, what is the longest film to have won an Oscar for best picture?

Gone With the Wind

7. What is the capital city of Mozambique?


8. Who was the first ever ‘Bond Girl’, appearing as the main sidekick in Dr. No?

Ursula Andress (Honey Ryder)

9. In which year was the British decimal halfpenny withdrawn from circulation?


10. Who is the only Canadian to have won the Formula One Drivers’ Championship?

Jacques Villeneuve


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