TV and Film quiz questions

Quiz 97 – Round 5 – TV and Film

1. Which British sitcom was set in Whitbury New Town Leisure Centre?

The Brittas Empire

2. Who hosts ITV daytime quiz show ‘Tipping Point’?

Ben Shepherd

3. Which film won Oscars in 2016 for Cinematography and Directing as well as Best Actor in a Leading Role?

The Revenant (Leonardo DiCaprio)

4. In which county is the award-winning drama ‘Happy Valley’ set?

West Yorkshire 

5. Ali G is a famous character portrayed by Sacha Baron Cohen – but what is Ali G’s full name?

Alistair (Leslie) Graham

6. Kellie Bright is now known for playing Linda Carter in Eastenders, but in which 90s sitcom did she play Joanna Burrows?

The Upper Hand

7. What was the name of the fictional ranch used as the setting for Bonanza?


8. The TV entertainment show ‘Gladiators’ was originally hosted by Ulrika Jonsson and which former footballer?

John Fashanu

9. Which 1960s science-fiction puppet character was voiced by Francis Matthews?

Captain Scarlet

10. What was the maiden name of Cassandra Trotter in ‘Only Fools and Horses’?






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