Quiz 91

TV and Film quiz questions

Quiz 91 – Round 2 – TV and Film

Actors Quiz – we’ll give you three roles and the film title – Can you tell us which actor has played all three?

1. The Met Chief Inspector in ‘Hot Fuzz’, Davy Jones in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End’ and Douglas Ainslie in ‘The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.’

Bill Nighy

2. Emmeline Pankhurst in ‘Suffragette’, Clarissa Vaughan in ‘The Hours’ and Madeline Ashton in ‘Death Becomes Her.’

Meryl Streep

3. Vivian Van Damm in ‘Mrs Henderson Presents’, Smee in ‘Hook’ and Lou Landsky in ‘Mermaids.’

Bob Hoskins

4. Jamie in ‘Love Actually’, Geoffrey Clifton in ‘The English Patient’ and Eric in ‘The Railway Man.’

Colin Firth

5. Cathy in ‘Wuthering Heights’, George Sand in ‘A Song to Remember’ and Lady Blakeney in ‘The Scarlet Pimpernel.’

Merle Oberon

6. Robert MacDougal in ‘Entrapment’, Professor Henry Jones in ‘Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade’ and Marko Ramius in ‘The Hunt for Red October.’

Sean Connery

7. Mary Boleyn in ‘The Other Boleyn Girl’, Kay Lake in ‘The Black Dahlia’ and Charlotte in ‘Lost in Translation.’

Scarlett Johansson

8. Aunt Adelaide in ‘Nanny McPhee’, Ruth in ‘The Pirates of Penzance’ and Edwina Brown in ‘National Velvet.’

Angela Lansbury

9. Bill Marks in ‘Non-Stop’, Ducard in ‘Batman Begins’ and Daniel in ‘Love Actually.’

Liam Neeson

10. Robin Lerner in ‘Deep Impact’, Ruth Willcox in ‘Howards End’ and Guinevere in ‘Camelot.’

Vanessa Redgrave





Maths Quiz

Quiz 91 – Round 3 – Maths

1. What is the median of the following numbers: 22, 11, 2, 6 and 8?

8 (the middle number when they are written in numerical order)

2. What is 6.7 times 4?


3. What is one million five hundred and thirty-seven thousand five hundred and twelve (1,537,512) rounded to the nearest thousand? 

1,538,000 (One million five hundred and thirty-eight thousand)

4. What is twelve cubed?


5. Calculate three-fifths of 725.


6. What is the volume of a cube that has edges of 5cm?


7. What is 80% of 295?


8. How many hours are there in a year?

8760 (to the nearest hour)

9. Express 7/20 as a decimal.


10. What is the square root of 1,369?



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Science and Nature

Quiz 91 – Round 5 – Science and Nature

1. What is the name of the device used to measure the rate of water uptake of a leafy plant shoot?

Potometer/ transpirometer

2. Of what is ‘irenology’ the study?


3. From which animal is mohair obtained?

Angora goat

4. How many noble gases are there?

Six (helium, neon, argon, krypton, xenon and radon)

5. What is the largest and heaviest internal organ in the human body?


6. Which is the world’s largest living species of lizard?

Komodo dragon

7. The lemur is native to which country?


8. Which chemical element has the symbol Cr?


9. Where in the body would you find the occipital bone?

Skull (rear lower part)

10. Only female mosquitoes bite people. True or false?



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Quiz 91 – Round 6 – Sport

Which boxers are/were known by the following nicknames?

1. The Executioner

Bernard Hopkins

2. Real Deal

Evander Holyfield

3. The Dark Destroyer

Nigel Benn

4. Smokin’ Joe

Joe Frazier

5. ‘Our ‘Enry

Henry Cooper

6. The Hayemaker

David Haye

7. The Pugilist Specialist

Lennox Lewis

8. The Upsetter

Ovill McKenzie

9. The Ghost with the Hammer in his Hand

Jimmy Wilde

10. The Brockton Blockbuster

Rocky Marciano





Pub Quiz Questions

Quiz 91 – Round 7 – General Knowledge

1. ‘Hinamatsuri’, also called Doll Festival or Girls’ Day, is celebrated on 3rd March each year in which country?


2. On which continent are the Atlas Mountains?


3. Which band performed the theme tune to the popular sitcom ‘Friends’?

The Rembrandts

4. Who played Marion Crane in the original 1960 film of ‘Psycho’ and is best remembered for the shower scene?

Janet Leigh

5. How many months of the year have thirty days?

4 (April, June, September and November)

6. Of which part of the body is genuphobia a fear?

The knees

7. Who might make use of a maulstick?

An artist (a stick with a padded ball at one end, used to steady the brush hand of a painter)

8. Which of Disney’s seven dwarves does not have a beard?


9. What is the national language of Liechtenstein?


10. What type of creature is a ‘remora’?