Pub Quiz Questions

Quiz 91 – Round 7 – General Knowledge

1. ‘Hinamatsuri’, also called Doll Festival or Girls’ Day, is celebrated on 3rd March each year in which country?


2. On which continent are the Atlas Mountains?


3. Which band performed the theme tune to the popular sitcom ‘Friends’?

The Rembrandts

4. Who played Marion Crane in the original 1960 film of ‘Psycho’ and is best remembered for the shower scene?

Janet Leigh

5. How many months of the year have thirty days?

4 (April, June, September and November)

6. Of which part of the body is genuphobia a fear?

The knees

7. Who might make use of a maulstick?

An artist (a stick with a padded ball at one end, used to steady the brush hand of a painter)

8. Which of Disney’s seven dwarves does not have a beard?


9. What is the national language of Liechtenstein?


10. What type of creature is a ‘remora’?







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