Quiz 90

Classical Composers

Quiz 90 – Round 2 – Classical Composers

In this round you quite simply need to tell us in which modern day country the following classical composers were born.

1. Ludwig Van Beethoven


2. Franz Liszt


3. Frédéric Chopin


4. Antonio Vivaldi


5. Sergei Rachmaninoff


6. Maurice Ravel


7. George Gershwin


8. Edvard Grieg


9. Edward Elgar


10. Jean Sibelius



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Quiz 90 – Round 3 – Sport

1. What is the highest possible score achievable by one player in a game of tenpin bowling?


2. In which sport do contestants compete for the Corbillon Cup?

Table tennis

3. Which two teams won the FA Cup 5 times each between the years 2000 and 2015?

Arsenal and Chelsea

4. The ‘Thrilla in Manila’ was the third and final meeting between which two heavyweight boxers in 1975?

Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier

5. The World record for the Men’s 100 metres was broken by Usain Bolt at the 2009 World Championships in Athletics in Berlin. What was his record time?

9.58 seconds

6. How many Olympic Gold Medals did Steve Redgrave win during his rowing career?


7. Who won the 2015 Snooker World Championship?

Stuart Bingham

8. Who won the Mixed Doubles at the 2015 Wimbledon Championships?

Leander Paes and Martina Hingis

9. Which three football teams were promoted to the Premier League at the end of the 2014/15 season?

Norwich City, Bournemouth and Watford

10. Which NBA basketball team are known as the ‘Lakers’?

Los Angeles






Art and Literature

Quiz 90 – Round 4 – Art and Literature

This round is all about famous literary sequels. Can you name the sequel to each of these famous books?

1. Paradise Lost – John Milton

Paradise Regained

2. The Hundred and One Dalmatians – Dodie Smith

The Starlight Barking

3. Catch 22 – Joseph Heller

Closing Time

4. Red Dragon – Thomas Harris

The Silence of the Lambs

5. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland – Lewis Carroll

Through the Looking Glass

6. The Jungle Book – Rudyard Kipling

The Second Jungle Book

7. Wolf Hall – Hilary Mantel

Bring Up the Bodies

8. Anne of Green Gables – Lucy Maud Montgomery

Anne of Avonlea

9. The Shining – Stephen King

Doctor Sleep

10. The Three Musketeers – Alexandre Dumas

Twenty Years After


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TV and Film quiz questions

Quiz 90 – Round 5 – TV and Film

1. Which former ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ professional entered the ‘Big Brother’ house on 5th January 2016?

Kristina Rihanoff

2. Who hosted the first episode of ‘Have I Got News for You’ after Angus Deayton’s departure in disgrace in 2002?

Paul Merton

3. What did M*A*S*H* stand for?

Mobile Army Surgical Hospital

4. In the 2015 animated film ‘Home’, which singer provided the voice of Gratuity ‘Tip’ Tucci?


5. What is the name of the fifth and newest ‘Chaser’ on ITV’s quiz show ‘The Chase’, who joined the show in 2015?

Jenny ‘The Vixen’ Ryan

6. Who plays the housekeeper Mrs Hudson to Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock Holmes?

Una Stubbs

7. In which film does Meryl Streep play American chef Julia Child?

Julie and Julia

8. Which 1980s TV police drama starred William Shatner and Heather Locklear?

T.J. Hooker

9. Who hosts the daytime quiz show ‘Tipping Point’?

Ben Shephard

10. Which 2014 British film tells the story of a group of gay and lesbian activists who lend their support to those affected by the 1984 miners’ strike?



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Geography Quiz Questions and Answers

Quiz 90 – Round 6 – The World

In which sea would you find the following islands?

1. Mauritius

Indian Ocean

2. Sardinia

Mediterranean Sea

3. Kiribati

Pacific Ocean

4. Corfu

Ionian Sea

5. Santorini

Aegean Sea

6. Elephant Island

Southern Ocean

7. Chechen Island

Caspian Sea

8. Alderney

English Channel

9. Nanshan Island

South China Sea

10. Gotland

Baltic Sea



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Quiz 90 – Round 7 – General Knowledge

1. In which month is the Chelsea Flower Show held?


2. In which country was Rudyard Kipling born?


3. Which mathematical term means to multiply every positive integer between one and a given number. For example, 1X2X3X4 could be described as four __________?


4. Prior to Vera Wang’s career as a fashion designer she competed in the 1968 Championships in which discipline?

Figure Skating

5. In which year did the U.S. Army Air Force drop an atomic bomb on the city of Hiroshima?


6. If you were to suffer from mysophobia, what would you be afraid of?

Germs and contamination

7. What is 2016 in Roman numerals?


8. Four American states begin with the letter W. Can you name them?

Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming

9. Which planet in our solar system is farthest from the sun?

Neptune (Pluto is no longer classified as a planet)

10. What is ten cubed?

One thousand




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