Food and Drink Quiz

Quiz 9 – Round 6 – Food And Drink

1. How many standard wine bottles make up a Jeroboam?

4 (3 litres)

2. What would you be eating if you were served Sauerkraut, probably in a German restaurant?

Pickled cabbage

3. Which spirit is made from the agave plant?


4. According to superstition, what should you throw over your left shoulder, in order to keep the devil away?


5. Camomile tea is often said to promote what effect?

Relaxation/ sleep

6. What colour are the flowers of the curry plant?


7. What is the name for a salad including basil, tomatoes and mozzarella cheese?


8. Beluga, Sevruga and Ossetra are types of what?


9. We commonly refer to the two parts of an egg as the ‘yolk’ and the ‘white’ – what is the proper term for the latter?

Albumen (accept also ‘glair’ or ‘glaire’)

10. Which leading culinary school’s name literally means ‘blue ribbon’ in French?

Cordon Bleu





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