Words quiz

Quiz 9 – Round 4 – Words

This week’s words round is all about words borrowed from other languages. We will give you a description of the word, including the country it comes from – you tell us which word is being described.

1. An ancient Greek word meaning ‘glory’ or ‘renown’.


2. A Hindi word meaning ‘dusty’ or ‘earth’ and which we use as a colour in English.


3. An Italian word meaning ‘candy’, which we use  to describe something you often see at weddings.


4. A German word meaning ‘lightning’, which we use to describe a rapid action.


5. A French phrase to describe a social blunder.

Faux pas

6. A German word meaning a counterpart or double – literally a ‘false step’.


7. An Arabic word which literally means ‘prince of the sea’. We use it to describe a naval rank.


8. A Chinese word meaning ‘body energy waves’.


9. A German word meaning ‘fear’, ‘anxiety’ or ‘depression’.


10. A Japanese word to describe a food of fermented soybean paste, made from soya beans, salt and koji.






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