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Quiz 89 – Round 7 – General Knowledge

1. Nick Mason was most famously the drummer with which band?

Pink Floyd

2. Which US state is nicknamed the ‘Heart of Dixie’?


3. How many times did Coronation Street’s Deirdre Barlow marry?

Four – twice to Ken Barlow and once each to Ray Langton and Samir Rachid

4. Who provides the voice for Montgomery Burns in ‘The Simpsons’?

Harry Shearer

5. Which country contains the only active volcanoes in mainland Europe?


6. How many sides are there on a 50p coin?


7. Name four of the seven ‘Von Trapp’ children in the film ‘The Sound of Music.’

Four of; Liesl, Friedrich, Louisa, Kurt, Brigitta, Marta and Gretl

8. What colour smoke can be seen coming from the Vatican chimney when a new Pope has been elected?


9. How many points is the letter ‘H’ worth in Scrabble?

4 points

10. What is the national currency of Croatia?

Croatan Kuna


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