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Quiz 88 – Round 5 – History

1. The Battle of Naseby was a decisive battle in which war?

English Civil War

2. Which English king was nicknamed the ‘Merry Monarch’?

Charles II

3. Which U.S. political party did President Richard Nixon represent?


4. The Treaty of Nanking was signed on 29th August 1842 and marked the end of which war?

The (First) Opium War/ Anglo-Chinese War

5. By what name was the American William Frederick Cody better known?

Buffalo Bill

6. Which term was commonly used for the series of disagreements from the 50s onwards between the UK and Iceland over fishing rights in the North Atlantic?

Cod Wars

7. Of which British tribe was Boudicca queen?


8. King Hussein bin Talal was king of which country between 1952 and 1999?


9. What relation is Queen Elizabeth II to Queen Victoria?


10. Who was the first British Prime Minister to be born in the 20th Century?

Sir Alec Douglas-Home


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