History Quiz

Quiz 85 – Round 5 – History

1. Which Emperor of Russia was assassinated in St. Petersburg in 1881?

Alexander II

2. What was the first commodity to be rationed in the UK during World War II?


3. Of which French King was Marie Antoinette the wife?

Louis XVI

4. Which battle is depicted on the Bayeux Tapestry?

Battle of Hastings

5. In which year did the Falklands Conflict begin?


6. Which Wild West outlaw was shot and killed by Robert Ford?

Jesse James

7. Who designed the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican?


8. According to a diary entry, who said “I am just going outside and may be some time,” shortly before he died?

Captain Lawrence Oates

9. Jean-Pierre Blanchard and John Jeffries achieved what famous first in January 1785?

Crossing the English Channel in a hot-air balloon

10. Which U.S. State was the first to ratify the Constitution in 1787, making it the first of the modern United States?



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