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Quiz 83 – Round 3 – History

1. In which city was Archduke Franz Ferdinand assassinated in 1914?


2. To which island was Napoleon Bonaparte exiled after he was forced to abdicate in 1814?


3. Of which country was Alexander III the penultimate Emperor, between 1881 and 1894?


4. Who became President of the United States in 1865 because he was serving as Vice President at the time of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination?

Andrew Johnson

5. The city of Pompeii was almost entirely destroyed in 79 AD due to the eruption of which volcano?

Mount Vesuvius

6. Which Dutch explorer and navigator is credited with the discoveries of Tasmania, New Zealand, Tonga and the Fiji Islands?

Abel Tasman

7. Which country became the first to allow women the vote?

New Zealand (1893)

8. What was the name of Lord Robert Baden-Powell’s wife?


9. In ancient Egyptian mythology, which God had the head of a jackal and was associated with embalming and funeral rites?


10. The Domesday Book was compiled under the order of which King?

William the Conqueror


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