Quiz 80

TV and Film quiz questions

Quiz 80 – Round 2 – TV and Film

Who plays/played the following characters in these UK television series?

1. Polly Sherman in ‘Fawlty Towers’

Connie Booth

2. Mrs Hughes in ‘Downton Abbey’

Phyllis Logan

3. Sheila Grant in ‘Brookside’

Sue Johnston

4. Father Dougal McGuire in ‘Father Ted’

Ardal O’Hanlon

5. J.P. in ‘Fresh Meat’

Jack Whitehall

6. Roxy Mitchell in ‘Eastenders’

Rita Simons

7. Mr Barrowclough in ‘Porridge’

Brian Wilde

8. Damien Day in ‘Drop the Dead Donkey’

Stephen Tompkinson

9. Gene Hunt in ‘Life on Mars’

Philip Glenister

10. Cathy Brown in ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys’

Jennifer Gibney


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Quiz 80 – Round 3 – The 80s

1. Which single gave Whitney Houston her first UK number one in 1985?

Saving All My Love For You

2. In the board game ‘Operation’, which item was extracted from the throat area?

Adam’s apple

3. How many UK television channels existed at the beginning of the 80s?


4. In which year was Live Aid?


5. Who attempted to assassinate U.S. President Ronald Reagan on 30th March 1981?

John Hinckley, Jr.

6. What was the name of the Greenpeace ship which sank on 10th July 1985?

Rainbow Warrior

7. Who presented the Radio 1 UK singles chart between 1986 and 1990?

Bruno Brookes

8. Who was assassinated by two of her own bodyguards on 31st October 1984?

Indira Ghandi

9. What was the best-selling album of the 80s in the United Kingdom?

Brothers in Arms – Dire Straits

10. Which years of the 1980s were leap years?

1980, 1984 and 1988






Art and Literature

Quiz 80 – Round 4 – Art and Literature

Quite simply name the author of these classic works of literature.

1. East of Eden

John Steinbeck

2. The Scarlet Letter

Nathaniel Hawthorne

3. Ender’s Game

Orson Scott Card

4. For Whom the Bell Tolls

Ernest Hemingway

5. Fahrenheit 451

Ray Bradbury

6.  Around the World in Eighty Days

Jules Verne

7. Uncle Tom’s Cabin

Harriet Beecher Stowe

8. War and Peace

Leo Tolstoy

9. The Secret Garden

Frances Hodgson Burnett

10. Three Men in a Boat

Jerome K. Jerome








Quiz 80 – Round 5 – Sport

1. In Formula One, what colour flag is shown, along with the car number, to indicate to a driver that they must pull into the pits immediately, usually because they have been disqualified?


2. Which darts player is known as ‘The Crafty Cockney’?

Eric Bristow

3. In which European city will the 2018 Ryder Cup be held?


4. Who released her autobiography, ‘Between the Lines’, following her retirement in September 2012?

Victoria Pendleton

5. In golf, what is the name of the award presented to the winner of the British Open?

Claret jug

6. Which US baseball team is the ‘Marlins’?


7. At which racecourse is the Scottish Grand National held?


8. Who was BBC sports personality of the year in 2014?

Lewis Hamilton

9. Who was the Champions League’s top goal scorer in the 1993/1994 season and later became a Premier League manager?

Ronald Koeman

10. How many different football clubs did David Beckham play for during his career (including loans and not including the national team)?

Six (Manchester United, Preston North End, Real Madrid, Milan, LA Galaxy and Paris Saint-Germain)






Quiz 80 – Round 7 – General Knowledge

1. Which member of the royal family has the middle names Antony Richard Louis?

Prince Edward

2. ‘Ratburger’ and ‘Billionaire Boy’ are books written by which well-known comedian?

David Walliams

3. Which famous jockey convicted and jailed for tax evasion in 1987?

Lester Piggott

4. Who succeeded Peter Davison as Doctor Who in 1984, becoming the sixth to play the role?

Colin Baker

5. Of what is ‘ornithology’ the study?


6. The Siege of Ladysmith took place during which war?

The Second Boer War

7. Of which US state is Santa Fe the capital?

New Mexico

8. For which novel was Salman Rushdie awarded the Booker Prize in 1981?

Midnight’s Children

9. Of which country is TAROM the national airline?


10. How many seconds are there in a fortnight?