Quiz 80 – Round 5 – Sport

1. In Formula One, what colour flag is shown, along with the car number, to indicate to a driver that they must pull into the pits immediately, usually because they have been disqualified?


2. Which darts player is known as ‘The Crafty Cockney’?

Eric Bristow

3. In which European city will the 2018 Ryder Cup be held?


4. Who released her autobiography, ‘Between the Lines’, following her retirement in September 2012?

Victoria Pendleton

5. In golf, what is the name of the award presented to the winner of the British Open?

Claret jug

6. Which US baseball team is the ‘Marlins’?


7. At which racecourse is the Scottish Grand National held?


8. Who was BBC sports personality of the year in 2014?

Lewis Hamilton

9. Who was the Champions League’s top goal scorer in the 1993/1994 season and later became a Premier League manager?

Ronald Koeman

10. How many different football clubs did David Beckham play for during his career (including loans and not including the national team)?

Six (Manchester United, Preston North End, Real Madrid, Milan, LA Galaxy and Paris Saint-Germain)






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