Music quiz

Quiz 77 – Round 5 – Music

1. Who had a 2015 hot song with ‘Want to Want Me’?

Jason Derulo

2. Who is the lead singer of Canadian rock band ‘Nickelback’?

Chad Kroeger

3. Which American singer-songwriter has had albums entitled ‘Horses’, ‘Dream of Life’ and ‘Gung Ho’?

Patti Smith

4. “It’s a human sign, when things go wrong.” This is the opening line to which Elton John song?


5. Which X-Factor winner released ‘That’s my Goal’ in December 2005?

Shayne Ward

6. Who replaced Siobhan Fahey when she left Bananarama in 1988?

Jacquie O’Sullivan

7. Which famous singer was born Robyn Fenty in 1988?


8. What was the name of the first single to be released by ‘Queen’ in the UK?

Keep Yourself Alive

9. Whose singles include ‘Hot in the City’ and ‘Rebel Yell’?

Billy Idol

10. Who composed the opera ‘Fidelio’?

Ludwig Van Beethoven







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