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Quiz 76 – Round 5 – Science and Technology

1. What does IBM stand for in the name of the IT company?

International Business Machines (Corporation)

2. In which year was the Sony PlayStation released?


3. Which German passenger airship caught fire in 1937, killing 13 passengers and 22 of the crew?


4. The ‘Manhattan Project’ was a research and development project producing what?

First atomic bombs (during World War II)

5. The Soviet Probe ‘Venera 7’ was the first to land successfully on another planet – which planet was this?


6. What does ‘OS’ most commonly stand for in computing terms?

Operating System

7. What is the largest single machine in the world? (Correct as of May 2015)

Large Hadron Collider

8. Which science-fiction writer devised the Three Laws of Robotics?

Isaac Asimov

9. Which company runs the Firefox web browser?


10. What is a ‘blimp’?

A non-rigid airship





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