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Quiz 76 – Round 4 – Art and Literature

Who wrote the following celebrity autobiographies?

1. Bossypants

Tina Fey

2. Learning to Fly: The Autobiography

Victoria Beckham

3. No Lifeguard on Duty: The Accidental Life of the World’s First Supermodel

Janice Dickinson

4. Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story

Arnold Schwarzenegger

5. May I Have Your Attention, Please?

James Corden

6. A Man Walks onto a Pitch: Stories from a Life in Football

Harry Redknapp

7. There’s Something I’ve Been Dying to Tell You

Lynda Bellingham

8. Telling Tales

Alan Bennett

9. Humble Pie

Gordon Ramsay

10. My Outdoor Life

Ray Mears


To download the celebrity autobiographies quiz as a contestant question paper, please click on the link below:





2 thoughts on “Quiz 76 – Round 4 – Art and Literature”

  1. Your type of questions are excellent.One of the best websites.
    Here is a cracker and more if you want them.
    A new dressing room required 100 new changing lockers.
    Each locker required a number 1 to 100.
    Question – How many numbers ‘9’ would I need to use. ?

    ANSWER: 20 ( when asked 5 people , only one person got it right !.

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