Quiz 74

Science and Nature Quiz questions

Quiz 74 – Round 2 – Science and Nature

1. What is the fastest bird on Earth?

Peregrine Falcon

2. In which part of the body will you find the ‘malleolus’?

Ankle (bony protrusion on each side of the ankle)

3. What is the freezing point of water on the Fahrenheit scale?

32 degrees

4. The alpine ibex is a member of which species of animal?


5. Which chemical element has the symbol ‘Se’?


6. To the nearest day, how many days does it take for the moon to orbit the Earth?

27 days (27 days, 7 hours, 43 minutes and 11.6 seconds)

7. In physics, what is defined as ‘the energy a body has by virtue of being in motion’?

Kinetic energy

8. The nephrology department of a hospital would deal with medical issues concerning which specific part of the body?


9. Is mercury a liquid, a solid or a gas at room temperature?


10. What substance is known as the ‘universal solvent’?



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Music quiz

Quiz 74 – Round 3 – TV Themes

TV theme tune quiz – Who performed the theme tunes to following TV shows?

1. Friends

The Rembrandts (I’ll Be There For You)

2. Big Bang Theory

Barenaked Ladies (Big Bang Theory Theme)

3. Brush Strokes

Dexy’s Midnight Runners (Because of You)

4. BBC Formula One

Fleetwood Mac (The Chain)

5. Malcolm in the Middle

They Might Be Giants (Boss Of Me)

6. Minder

Dennis Waterman (I Could Be So Good For You)

7. Hannah Montana

Miley Cyrus (Best of Both Worlds)

8. The Wonder Years

Joe Cocker (A Little Help from my Friends)

9. Top Gear

The Allman Brothers Band (Jessica)

10. Ally McBeal

Vonda Shepard (Searchin’ My Soul)





Sport quiz questions

Quiz 74 – Round 4 – Sport

1. What is the first event in a women’s outdoor heptathlon?

100 metre hurdles

2. Who was the first batsman to achieve a hundred centuries in first-class cricket?

W. G. Grace

3. Which American football team won the 2014-15 Super Bowl?

New England Patriots

4. In which sport is the Calcutta Cup contested?

Rugby Union (Name for the trophy for the Six Nations match between Scotland and England)

5. In which sport was the Canadian world-champion George Athans a famous name?

Water skiing

6. In tenpin bowling, what is a Turkey?

Three strikes in a row

7. In which country was Martina Navratilova born?


8. In 1982 an Italian footballer won and still holds the record for being the oldest member of a World Cup-winning team – what is his name?

Dino Zoff

9. In which sport is the word ‘bagel’ a colloquially used term?

Tennis (meaning winning or losing a set 6-0)

10. Which modern martial art takes its name from the Japanese for ‘way of the sword’?






Music quiz

Quiz 74 – Round 6 – Music

1. On which Nirvana album did the track ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ first appear?


2. Which classical composer wrote ‘Ride of the Valkyries’?

Richard Wagner

3. Who performed the theme music to the 1997 James Bond film ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’?

Sheryl Crow

4. ‘White Blood Cells’, ‘Under Blackpool Lights’ and ‘Icky Thump’ are all titles of albums by which American rock duo?

The White Stripes

5. What are the first 4 words of Elton John’s ‘I’m Still Standing’?

You could never know (what it’s like)

6. Who performed the 1984 Ghostbusters theme tune?

Ray Parker Jr.

7. Which R.E.M. album contains the tracks ‘Man on the Moon’, ‘Everybody Hurts’ and ‘The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite’?

Automatic for the People

8. Who performed alongside the Pet Shop Boys on the 1987 single ‘What Have I Done to Deserve This?’?

Dusty Springfield

9. Which Ellie Goulding song became number one in the UK on Valentine’s Day 2015?

Love Me Like You Do (Theme for Fifty Shades of Grey film, coinciding with its release)

10. What is Madonna’s real first name?






Pub Quiz Questions

Quiz 74 – Round 7 – General Knowledge

1. What was the name of Captain Nemo’s submarine?


2. After how many years of marriage would a couple celebrate their Ruby Wedding Anniversary?


3. Who was the only British Prime Minister to have been born outside of the British Isles?

Andrew Bonar Law (Born in New Brunswick, now Canada)

4. How many feet are there in a fathom?


5. In a game of cribbage, what is the highest number the cards played may total before no more cards may be played?


6. What is one-seventh of 189?


7. Who was Children’s Laureate from 2011 to 2013?

Julia Donaldson

8. Who plays ‘the Cat’ in Red Dwarf?

Danny John-Jules

9. Which word beginning with ‘t’ is an alternative word for kettledrums?


10. Which film connects Bill Nighy, Colin Firth, Liam Neeson and Martin Freeman?

Love Actually (they all starred in it)