Sport quiz questions

Quiz 74 – Round 4 – Sport

1. What is the first event in a women’s outdoor heptathlon?

100 metre hurdles

2. Who was the first batsman to achieve a hundred centuries in first-class cricket?

W. G. Grace

3. Which American football team won the 2014-15 Super Bowl?

New England Patriots

4. In which sport is the Calcutta Cup contested?

Rugby Union (Name for the trophy for the Six Nations match between Scotland and England)

5. In which sport was the Canadian world-champion George Athans a famous name?

Water skiing

6. In tenpin bowling, what is a Turkey?

Three strikes in a row

7. In which country was Martina Navratilova born?


8. In 1982 an Italian footballer won and still holds the record for being the oldest member of a World Cup-winning team – what is his name?

Dino Zoff

9. In which sport is the word ‘bagel’ a colloquially used term?

Tennis (meaning winning or losing a set 6-0)

10. Which modern martial art takes its name from the Japanese for ‘way of the sword’?






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