Quiz 73

TV and Film quiz questions

Quiz 73 – Round 2 – TV and Film

Soap actors quiz – The following are all soap actors who have played a major role in either Coronation Street, Emmerdale or EastEnders. Can you name the character they played?

1. Kym Marsh

Michelle Connor (Coronation Street)

2. Charlie Hardwick

Val Pollard (Emmerdale)

3. Danny Dyer

Mick Carter (Eastenders)

4. Jo Joyner

Tanya Branning (Eastenders)

5. Emma Atkins

Charity Tate (Emmerdale)

6. Malcolm Hebden

Norris Cole (Coronation Street)

7. Clive Hornby

Jack Sugden (Emmerdale)

8. Susan Tully

Michelle Fowler (Eastenders)

9. Dominic Brunt

Paddy Kirk (Emmerdale)

10. Chris Fountain

Tommy Duckworth (Coronation Street)


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Science and Nature

Quiz 73 – Round 3 – Science and Nature

1. Which type of photography was invented by Edwin Land and was first made publicly available in 1948?

Polaroid photography

2. In what kind of habitat would an arboreal animal live?

In trees

3. Which type of sugar is found in milk?


4. What service is provided by a VoIP system?

Making voice calls over the internet (Voice over Internet Protocol)

5. What is the name for the protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen around the body?


6. What type of creature is a swallowtail?


7. A surface with only one side and one boundary, such as is made by taking a strip of paper, giving it a half twist and joining the ends, is known as what?

A Möbius Strip/A Möbius Band

8. Which planet of our solar system famously has a ‘great red spot’?


9. Which famous scientist has a ‘cage’ named after him, which is a metallic enclosure preventing the entry or escape of an electromagnetic field?

Faraday (Faraday Cage)

10. What type of creature is a sand dollar?

Sea urchin





Music quiz

Quiz 73 – Round 4 – Music

This round is all about UK entries to the Eurovision Song Contest. We will give you the name of the song and the year – you need to give us the act who represented the UK on that occasion.

1. Long Live Love (1974)

Olivia Newton John

2. Flying the Flag (For You) (2007)


3. Boom Bang-a-Bang (1969)


4. Believe in Me (2013)

Bonnie Tyler

5. Better the Devil You Know (1993)


6. Save Your Kisses For Me (1976)

Brotherhood of Man

7. I Love the Little Things (1964)

Matt Munro

8. One Step Further (1982)


9. A Message to Your Heart (1991)

Samantha Janus

10. Cry Baby (2003)






Foreign Languages Quiz

Quiz 73 – Round 5 – Foreign Languages

1. ‘Bein’ is the German word for which part of the body?


2. If you were to order ‘huevos fritos’ in Spain, what would you receive?

Fried eggs

3. If wine is described as ‘doux’, what kind of taste does it have?


4. What is the Italian word for ‘meat’?


5. How would you say hello in Portuguese?


6. ‘Kiitos’ is thank you in which language?


7. What is the official language of Ghana?


8. How many letters exist in the Greek alphabet?


9. From which language does the word ‘futon’ originate?


10. What is the French word for ‘yesterday’?






Free Pub Quizzes

Quiz 73 – Round 7 – General Knowledge

1. Roger Bannister famously became the first man to run a mile in under four minutes in 1954 – but in which British city did he achieve this feat?


2. Which US actor was actually born Eric Marlon Bishop in 1967 in Texas?

Jamie Foxx

3. Which two coloured stripes can be found on the Nigerian flag?

Green and white

4. How many rooms are there in a game of Cluedo where the murder can take place?


5. In which 2006 film did Julie Walters play Evie, an eccentric retired actress?

Driving Lessons

6. What was the name of the captain of the Titanic?

Edward Smith

7. Which Shakespeare play includes the characters of Desdemona, Iago, Michael Cassio and Brabantio?


8. Which British king married Eleanor of Aquitaine?

Henry II

9. In the nursery rhyme ‘Polly Put the Kettle On’, who took the pot off again?


10. What is the name of Michael Hutchence’s only child?

Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily (Known as Tiger)