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Quiz 73 – Round 4 – Music

This round is all about UK entries to the Eurovision Song Contest. We will give you the name of the song and the year – you need to give us the act who represented the UK on that occasion.

1. Long Live Love (1974)

Olivia Newton John

2. Flying the Flag (For You) (2007)


3. Boom Bang-a-Bang (1969)


4. Believe in Me (2013)

Bonnie Tyler

5. Better the Devil You Know (1993)


6. Save Your Kisses For Me (1976)

Brotherhood of Man

7. I Love the Little Things (1964)

Matt Munro

8. One Step Further (1982)


9. A Message to Your Heart (1991)

Samantha Janus

10. Cry Baby (2003)






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