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Quiz 72 – Round 4 – Food and Drink

1. Which fruit gives ‘triple sec’ its flavour?


2. In which county can you find John Smith’s Brewery?

North Yorkshire

3. ‘Bazlama’ is a Turkish type of which food?


4. ‘Lountza’ is a Cypriot dish made from which meat?


5. How many litres of wine are held in a double magnum?

3 litres

6. ‘Gotland Blue’ is a cheese produced in which country?


7. A tayberry is a cross between which other two berries?

A raspberry and a blackberry

8. From which country does Moosehead Beer originate?


9. Which method of cooking is known as ‘broiling’ in the U.S.A?


10. What are ‘umbles’?

Edible entrails, usually of deer





2 thoughts on “Quiz 72 – Round 4 – Food and Drink”

  1. As i organize quizzes, of which your questions are excellent. My quiz nights are formed into teams and the questions are given out to each team. It would be nice if the words ‘TEAM NAME’ was also printed on your questions.

    1. Hi – glad you like the questions. You’re absolutely right about the team names – I’ll add that to the top of future quiz sheets.

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