Quiz 70 – Round 5 – Money

This round is all about money. What is the value of the following? (Correct as of 09/03/2015)

Answers 1, 4, 7 and 9 should be given exactly – accept all others to the nearest pound.

1. The cost of a first class stamp


2. The cost of a standard television licence


3. Cost of a UK passport renewal, without a Post Office checking service


4. Cost of an English NHS prescription


5. Official maximum cost of a car M.O.T.


6. Cost to renew a UK driving License online after expiry


7. Cost of a second class stamp


8. Full Jobseeker’s Allowance for those aged 25 or over, per week


9. The UK tax threshold (tax year 2014/15)


10. London congestion charge, per day, without Auto Pay







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