Science and Nature Quiz questions

Quiz 69 – Round 3 – Science and Nature

1. How many Kilobytes are there in a Megabyte?


2. Which type of acid is used in car batteries?

Sulphuric acid

3. Which planet in our solar system takes the longest to orbit the sun?

Neptune (Pluto is no longer considered a planet, although would have previously been the correct answer)

4. For what purpose would you use an Archimedes Screw?

Moving water from lower to higher levels

5. Which two elements are combined to make brass?

Copper and zinc

6. What is the name for a baby ferret?


7. In computing terminology, what does DOS stand for?

Disk Operating System

8. Of what is dactylography the study?


9. By which three names are the ‘malleus’, ‘incus’ and ‘stapes’ more commonly known?

Hammer, anvil and stirrup (collectively called the ‘ossicles’, they are the bones in the middle ear)

10. Which part of a horse is called the ‘dock’?

Top of the tail






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