Catchphrase Quiz

Quiz 68 – Round 4 – Catchphrases

Catchphrase quiz – To whom do/did the following catchphrases belong?

1. “A real bobby-dazzler.”

David Dickinson

2. “I mean that most sincerely, folks.”

Hughie Green

3. “Shut that door!”

Larry Grayson

4. “Just like that.”

Tommy Cooper

5. “I’ve started so I’ll finish.”

Magnus Magnusson

6. “What’s your name and where do you come from?”

Cilla Black

7. “…and on that bombshell…”

Jeremy Clarkson

8. “Let’s hear your buzzers.”

Stephen Fry (QI)

9. “Which is better…  There’s only one way to find out… fight!”

Harry Hill

10. “Bear with, bear with…”

Miranda Hart


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