Science and Nature Quiz questions

Quiz 66 – Round 5 – Science and Nature

1. What is the name for the value at the lower end of the thermodynamic temperature scale, which equates to -273.15˚C?

Absolute zero

2. O3 and OO2 are different variations of the chemical formula for which inorganic molecule?


3. Which British scientist is best known for proposing the Gaia Hypothesis, which says that the biosphere self-regulates?

James Lovelock

4. The chemical symbol W denotes which chemical element?

Tungsten (Wolfram)

5. What is the common name for H5N1, a subtype of the influenza virus?

Avian flu/bird flu

6. What is the correct chemical name for laughing gas?

Nitrous oxide

7. What type of animal is a falabella?


8. Which car manufacturer makes the ‘Jazz’, ‘CR-V’ and ‘CR-Z’ models?


9. What is the ‘lumen’ a measurement of?

Light (SI derived unit of luminous flux, measuring total visible light emitted by a source)

10. What name is given to the path followed by a projectile?






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