Geography Quiz Questions and Answers

Quiz 63 – Round 3 – The World

1. Turku is the third largest city by population of which European country?


2. In which U.S. state would you find the city of Gillette?


3. What is the currency of Liechtenstein?

Swiss Franc

4. What is the capital city of Paraguay?


5. Which are the four largest of the Balearic Islands?

Majorca, Minorca, Ibiza and Formentera

6. In which county is the easternmost point of the UK?


7. Which is Britain’s largest National Park?


8. Libya borders 6 countries – can you name 4 of them?

Tunisia, Algeria, Niger, Chad, Sudan and Egypt (any 4 of)

9. What is the national airline of Italy?


10. Which is the largest Australian State by area?

Western Australia





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