Quiz 62 – Round 7 – General Knowledge

1. Who became Poet Laureate of the UK on 1st May 2009?

Carol Ann Duffy

2. In the 1963 film ‘The Great Escape’, the prisoners work on three tunnels – what are they called?

Tom, Dick and Harry

3. What does ‘EOR’ stand for in knitting terminology?

End of row

4. In which country is the longest airport runway?

China (Qamdo Bamda Airport)

5. In which year was the United Kingdom formed?


6. Which rock duo consisted of Per Gessle and Maria Fredriksson?


7. The SI derived unit of electrical capacitance is named after an English physicist – what is it?


8. What type of creature is Bagheera in the ‘Jungle Book’?

Black panther

9. Which vitamin is also known as riboflavin?


10. ‘Batrachian’ is an adjective used to describe which type of animals?

Frog or toad





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