Quiz 60

Music quiz

Quiz 60 – Round 2 – Music

Which acts, who are often considered to be ‘one-hit wonders’, had hits with these songs?

1. The JCB Song (2005)


2. The Stonk (1991)

Hale and Pace

3. Uptown Top Ranking (1978)

Althea and Donna

4. The One and Only (1991)

Chesney Hawkes

5. Kung Fu Fighting (1974)

Carl Douglas

6. What’s Up (1993)

4 Non Blondes

7. Achy Breaky Heart (1992)

Billy Ray Cyrus

8. I’ve Never Been to Me (1977)


9. Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm (1993)

Crash Test Dummies

10. Mambo No. 5 (A Little Bit Of…) (1999)

Lou Bega


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Year 2000 Quiz

Quiz 60 – Round 3 – The Year 2000

1. On July 25th, 2000 a Concorde plane crashed into a hotel, causing 113 fatalities. In which country did the event take place?


2. Who was President of the U.S.A. at the beginning of the new millennium?

Bill Clinton

3. Which major art gallery opened in Bankside in London in the year 2000?

Tate Modern

4. In which city were the Summer Olympic Games held in this year?


5. Who became London’s first elected mayor in the year 2000?

Ken Livingstone

6. Which British doctor was sentenced to life imprisonment on 31st January 2000?

Harold Shipman

7. What was stolen from Bletchley Park Museum on 1st April 2000?

Enigma Machine

8. The Queen Mother celebrated her 100th birthday in the year 2000 – on what date?

4th August

9. On 27th November 2000 a ten-year-old Nigerian schoolboy died after being stabbed in the leg whilst on his way home from a Peckham library. What was his name?

Damilola Taylor

10. Which reality TV show aired for the first time in Britain on 14th July?

Big Brother





TV and Film quiz questions

Quiz 60 – Round 6 – TV and Film

1. Which actress plays Doctor Beverly Hofstadter,  mother of Leonard, in hit US sitcom ‘The Big Bang Theory’?

Christine Baranski

2. What was Edina’s surname in ‘Absolutely Fabulous’?


3. Which was the first film to consist entirely of computer-generated imagery?

Toy Story

4. ‘Grantchester’, the television adaptation of James Runcie’s ‘The Grantchester Mysteries’, first aired in October 2014, with which actor playing clergyman Sidney Chambers?

James Norton

5. What was the name of the character played by Richard Dreyfuss in Jaws?


6. Who played the monster in the 1931 film version of Frankenstein?

Boris Karloff

7. Which German film director and producer’s works include ‘Queen of the Desert’, ‘Where the Green Ants Dream’, ‘The Enigma of Kasper Hauser’ and ‘Nosferatu the Vampyre’?

Werner Herzog

8. Who has won the most ‘Best Director’ Academy Awards?

John Ford (The Informer, The Grapes of Wrath, How Green Was my Valley and the Quiet Man)

9. In the 2013 film ‘The Internship’, which company do Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson gain a placement with?


10. Who was Jim Carrey’s co-star in the 1994 film ‘Dumb and Dumber’?

Jeff Daniels





Quiz 60 – Round 7 – General Knowledge

1. Who was the second ever president of the USA?

John Adams

2. According to the Bible, who was Jacob’s eldest son?


3. ‘Criteria’ is a plural noun in English – what is the singular version?


4. Which was the first studio album to be released by the Beatles?

Please Please Me

5. Which UK university has the greatest number of enrolled students?

Open University

6. Which actress played Doc Brown’s love interest, Clara Clayton, in ‘Back to the Future Part III’?

Mary Steenburgen

7. If you were born on St. Andrew’s Day, what star sign would you be?


8. In which country is Absolut Vodka produced?


9. How many lines are there in haiku poetry?


10. Albert Einstein failed his maths exams at school – true or false?

False (Contrary to popular belief)


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