Year 2000 Quiz

Quiz 60 – Round 3 – The Year 2000

1. On July 25th, 2000 a Concorde plane crashed into a hotel, causing 113 fatalities. In which country did the event take place?


2. Who was President of the U.S.A. at the beginning of the new millennium?

Bill Clinton

3. Which major art gallery opened in Bankside in London in the year 2000?

Tate Modern

4. In which city were the Summer Olympic Games held in this year?


5. Who became London’s first elected mayor in the year 2000?

Ken Livingstone

6. Which British doctor was sentenced to life imprisonment on 31st January 2000?

Harold Shipman

7. What was stolen from Bletchley Park Museum on 1st April 2000?

Enigma Machine

8. The Queen Mother celebrated her 100th birthday in the year 2000 – on what date?

4th August

9. On 27th November 2000 a ten-year-old Nigerian schoolboy died after being stabbed in the leg whilst on his way home from a Peckham library. What was his name?

Damilola Taylor

10. Which reality TV show aired for the first time in Britain on 14th July?

Big Brother





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