Quiz 6

Art and Literature Quiz Questions

Quiz 6 – Round 2 – Art and Literature

1. Apart from ‘Psalms’, which is the only other book of the Old Testament that begins with a ‘P’?


2. Who wrote ‘Little Women’?

Louisa May Alcott

3. In Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’, which creature was used as the ball in the game of croquet?

A hedgehog

4. How many paintings did Van Gogh sell during his lifetime?


 5. Who wrote the award-winning fantasy novel, ‘Life of Pi’?

Yann Martel

6. Who created the famous sculpture ‘The Thinker’?

Auguste Rodin

7. Who wrote the poem ‘The Charge of the Light Brigade’?

Alfred Lord Tennyson

8. ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ was the first book published in the series of ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ by C.S. Lewis. What was the name of the last?

The Last Battle

9. How many lines are there in a limerick?


10. Which children’s writer created the characters ‘The Saucepan Man’, ‘Dame Washalot’ and ‘Moonface’?

Enid Blyton (In ‘The Faraway Tree’ series)


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Maths Quiz

Quiz 6 – Round 3 – Maths

Maths Quiz

1. What is the formula 2πR for? (π is the symbol for ‘pi’)

The circumference of a circle

2. What is missing out of the trio. Sine, Cosine and…?


3. If it takes 3 men 2 hours to dig a hole, how long will it theoretically take one man?

6 hours

4. Whose theorem states that ‘a square on the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares on the other two sides?


5. What is two cubed?


6. If a bag of 30 sweets weighs 20g, how many sweets would weigh 1kg?


7. What is the next number in the series; 1, 4, 9, 16, …?

25 (1 squared is 1, 2 squared is 4, 3 squared is 9, 4 squared is 16 and 5 squared is 25)

8. How many faces does a cube have?


9. The roman numeral XXIV is how many?


10. How many faces does a dodecahedron have?



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Food and Drink Quiz

Quiz 6 – Round 4 – Food and drink

1. What flavour is the liquor ‘cassis’?


2. What type of pastry is used to make profiteroles?


3. What type of food is a chanterelle?

A mushroom

4. What is the beef wrapped in, in a beef Wellington?


5. What type of food is a Gravenstein?

An apple

6. What is measured using the ‘Scoville’ scale?

The spiciness of a chilli pepper

7. What is Cambozola?

A type of cheese

8. Which celebrity chef was responsible for the redesigning of Little Chef menus?

Heston Blumenthal

9. And which celebrity chef was responsible for the ‘Chicken Out’ campaign, aimed at getting the general public to buy free range chickens?

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

10. If you ordered a dish containing ‘saag’ in an Indian restaurant, what would you find in your dish?






Guess the Year Quiz

Quiz 6 – Round 5 – History

Guess the Year Quiz

This week’s history round is all about identifying the year. We will give you 3 famous world events, you need to give the year that all three events occurred in.

1. The Republic of China was established, the Titanic hit an iceberg and Arizona became the 48th U.S. state.


2. The first commercial Concorde flight, Harold Wilson resigned from his post as Prime Minister and the Eagles released Hotel California.


3. Germany invaded Denmark and Norway in operation Weserübung, Winston Churchill gave his first address as Prime Minister and Walt Disney’s Fantasia is released.


4. The unmanned Soviet spacecraft Luna 9 made the first controlled rocket-assisted landing on the moon, England beat Germany 4-2 to win the World Cup and John Lennon was forced to apologise for claiming that the Beatles were ‘more popular than Jesus’.


5. The ‘U-Bahn’ (The Berlin underground system) was opened, Cuba gained independence from the United States and Lord Salisbury resigned as British Prime Minister.


6. West Germany joined NATO, Anthony Eden became Prime Minister and James Dean died in a car accident.


7. An earthquake measuring 7.0 devastated Haiti, the Eurozone and the International Monetary Fund agreed a 110 billion euro bailout deal for Greece and 33 Chilean miners were rescued after being trapped underground for 69 days.


8. David Niven and Jean Genet were born, the Union of South Africa was created and George V became King of England.


9. Fritz Lang’s famous film ‘Metropolis’ premiered in Germany, the first Volvo car was made in Sweden and the first trans-atlantic telephone call was made from New York to London, via radio.


10. Sylvia Plath committed suicide in London, the Beatles released their first album, ‘Please Please Me’ and John F. Kennedy gave his ‘Ich bin ein Berliner’ speech in West Berlin.



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Quiz 6 – Round 6 – Celebrities

Round 6 is a ‘who am I?’ quiz. Imagining that the famous person is talking, they will describe themselves and their careers. You need to identify the famous person from the description.

1. Who am I? I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, in 1961. I am a graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Law School. I ran for the United States Senate in 2004.

Barack Obama

2. I was born in Liverpool in 1940 and died in 1980. My first band was called ‘The Quarrymen’. In 2002, a BBC poll of the 100 Greatest Britons ranked me 8th.

John Lennon

3. I was born in Michigan in 1863. I was an American industrialist and I sponsored the development of the system of mass production and assembly-line manufacture. As owner of my own company, named after myself, I became one of the most famous and richest people in the world at the time.

Henry Ford

4. I was born in Bedford in 1929. I was a famous British actor, writer, critic and broadcaster, but I am best known for my comedy and my love of words. As well as writing and starring in a number of sitcoms, I was part of a double act sketch show from 1971 until 1986.

Ronnie Barker

5. I was born in Somerset in 1959 and am known for being a British businesswoman. At the age of 19 I moved to Italy and set up a glass and ceramics export agency. I now own ‘Fox Brothers’, a West Country textile mill and I regularly appear on TV alongside some of my contemporaries.

Deborah Meaden

6. I was born in Ulm, in Germany, in 1876. In 1895 I moved to Switzerland to study and in 1921 I won the Nobel Prize for Physics. I emigrated to the USA in 1933.

Albert Einstein.

7. I was born in Brighton in 1978 and was a child model. I modelled for a clothing line at age 13 and I later became a page 3 model. I have been married three times, appeared on a reality TV show and I applied to represent the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2005.

Katie Price (Jordan)

8. I was born in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, in 1935. I am an actress, a singer and an author and I have published a children’s story book with my daughter. In the 2000 New Year’s Honours List I was made a Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire

Julie Andrews

9. I was born in 1981 and my real Christian name is Kelendria. I found fame in the American group ‘Destiny’s child’ and in 2011 I became known for my role as a judge on the UK X Factor.

Kelly Rowland

10. I was born in southwest London in 1976 and I am known for my career in stand-up comedy. I released my autobiography, ‘Life and Laughing: My Story’ in 2010 and in the same year I became the youngest ever host of the Royal Variety Performance. I have also been a judge on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’.

Michael McIntyre


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Who Am I Quiz




Free Pub Quizzes

Quiz 6 – Round 7 – General Knowledge

1. What is the name of the German parliament building in Berlin?

The Reichstag

2. The teddy bear was named after which famous person?

Theodore Roosevelt

3. What is the name for a triangle which has three sides of differing lengths?


4. How many films are there in the ‘Harry Potter’ series?


5. The air we breathe contains numerous elements; which gas is there most of?


6. Which car logo consists of 3 diamonds which meet in the middle?


7. Who wrote the original Mr Men books?

Roger Hargreaves

8. What is the capital of Iceland?


9. What are the first names of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?

Henry (Jekyll) and Edward (Hyde)

10. Name 3 James Bond films which have a title consisting of only one word.

Any three of ‘Octopussy’, ‘Moonraker’, ‘Thunderball’, ‘Goldeneye’, ‘Goldfinger’ and ‘Skyfall’.