Quiz 59


Quiz 59 – Round 2 – Americanisms

1. In England the ‘Where’s Wally?’ book series is very successful – who do they search for in the USA?


2. In the UK one would attach braces to a pair of trousers to hold them up – what would they use in America?


3. What is the British English equivalent of zucchini?


4. What do our US counterparts call a baby’s dummy?


5. What would someone from the US call a fringe in a person’s hair?


6. Which famous novel was renamed ‘Murder on the Calais Coach’ when it was released in the USA?

Murder on the Orient Express – Agatha Christie

7. What would a funeral director/undertaker commonly be called in the USA?


8. If you tried to buy a bottle of white spirit in the US, under what name would you find it?

Mineral spirits

9. What is a ‘Realtor’?

Estate Agent

10. When the 1970s hit UK comedy series ‘The Good Life’ was shown in America its name was changed to avoid confusion with an existing show. What did they rename the show?

Good Neighbors





Science and Nature

Quiz 59 – Round 3 – Science and Nature

The answers to all of the following are numbers or years.

1.How long does it take on average, in minutes, for light to travel from the Sun’s surface to the Earth?

8 minutes and 20 seconds (accept 8 or 9 minutes)

2. In which decade did Alfred Nobel patent the invention of dynamite?

1860s (1867 to be exact)

3. How high, in metres, is Mount Everest? 

8848 metres (accept anything between 8500 and 9000)

4. According to the Guinness Book of Records, how tall was the tallest man who ever lived? (Answer in either metres or feet)

2.72 metres / 8 feet 11 inches (accept between 2.70 and 2.75 metres / between 8 feet 10 and 9 feet)

5. In which year was the first human heart transplant?


6. Which number represents carbon in the periodic table?


7. According to the Guinness Book of Records, what is the greatest number of children to be delivered at a single birth to survive?

8 (Nadya Suleman gave birth to 6 boys and 2 girls in January 2009)

8. Approximately what percentage of the Earth’s surface is water?

71% (Accept between 69% and 73%)

9. The average adult brain has how many cells: 1 billion, 10 billion or 100 billion?

100 billion

10. In which year was the first Apple Macintosh computer released?







Quiz 59 – Round 4 – Sport

In which countries will you find the following Formula One Grand Prix circuits?

1. Sepang International Circuit


2. Circuit Gilles Villeneuve


3. Fair Park

U.S.A. (Dallas)

4. Hockenheimring


5. Fuji Speedway


6. Albert Park


7. Kyalami

South Africa

8. Marina Bay Street Circuit


9. Autodromo Nazionale Monza


10. Red Bull Ring






TV and Film quiz questions

Quiz 59 – Round 5 – TV and Film

1. Which 80s British sitcom character worked at ‘Mole Valley Valves’?

Martin Bryce (Ever Decreasing Circles)

2. Which actor played Spock in the 2009 film version of ‘Star Trek’?

Zachary Quinto

3. Which UK sitcom was set in the Wernham Hogg Paper Company?

The Office

4. In which year was the first Harry Potter film released?

2001 (Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone)

5. The theme tune to which UK TV programme, which ran between 1985 and 1990, was entitled ‘Always There’?

Howard’s Way

6. Which actress played Lady Mary Crawley in Downton Abbey?

Michelle Dockery

7. Which actor entered Coronation Street as Michael Rodwell in 2014?

Les Dennis

8. How many films have so far been made in the ‘Die Hard’ series? 

5 (Die Hard, Die Hard 2, Die Hard with a Vengeance, Live Free or Die Hard and A Good Day to Die Hard – Correct as of 10/07/2016)

9. Which two actresses play the title characters in ITV cop show ‘Scott and Bailey’?

Lesley Sharp and Suranne Jones

10. In the British Soap Awards 2014, which was the winner of ‘Best Soap’?






Art and Literature

Quiz 59 – Round 6 – Art and Literature

Who wrote about the following characters?

1. Joe Gargery

Charles Dickens (Great Expectations)

2. Rupert Campbell-Black

Jilly Cooper

3. Molly Bloom

James Joyce (Ulysees)

4. Ichabod Crane

Washington Irving (The Legend of Sleepy Hollow)

5. Atticus Finch

Harper Lee (To Kill a Mockingbird)

6. Holden Caulfield

J.D. Salinger (The Catcher in the Rye)

7. Clarissa Dalloway

Virginia Woolf (Mrs Dalloway)

8. Bertie Wooster

P.G. Wodehouse

9. Tracy Beaker

Jacqueline Wilson

10. Nancy Drew

Edward Stratemeyer





Free Pub Quizzes

Quiz 59 – Round 7 – General Knowledge

1. In which century did Antonio Vivaldi compose the ‘Four Seasons’?

18th (1725)

2. How high above the ground is a basketball hoop?

3 metres/10 feet

3. In which city might you find the ‘Galleria degli Uffizi’ art gallery?


4. What would you be having if you were undergoing rhinoplasty?

Nose job

5. What is the highest award for gallantry that can be awarded to civilians in the UK?

George Cross

6. What is the most northerly mainland airport in the UK?

Wick John O’Groats (Most commonly known as Wick airport)

7. Which actress plays housekeeper Mrs Hudson in the recent television adaptation of Sherlock?

Una Stubbs

8. After how many years would you celebrate your crystal wedding anniversary?


9. What is the capital city of Ecuador?


10. What is the year 2014 in Roman Numerals?