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Quiz 59 – Round 7 – General Knowledge

1. In which century did Antonio Vivaldi compose the ‘Four Seasons’?

18th (1725)

2. How high above the ground is a basketball hoop?

3 metres/10 feet

3. In which city might you find the ‘Galleria degli Uffizi’ art gallery?


4. What would you be having if you were undergoing rhinoplasty?

Nose job

5. What is the highest award for gallantry that can be awarded to civilians in the UK?

George Cross

6. What is the most northerly mainland airport in the UK?

Wick John O’Groats (Most commonly known as Wick airport)

7. Which actress plays housekeeper Mrs Hudson in the recent television adaptation of Sherlock?

Una Stubbs

8. After how many years would you celebrate your crystal wedding anniversary?


9. What is the capital city of Ecuador?


10. What is the year 2014 in Roman Numerals?






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