Quiz 59 – Round 2 – Americanisms

1. In England the ‘Where’s Wally?’ book series is very successful – who do they search for in the USA?


2. In the UK one would attach braces to a pair of trousers to hold them up – what would they use in America?


3. What is the British English equivalent of zucchini?


4. What do our US counterparts call a baby’s dummy?


5. What would someone from the US call a fringe in a person’s hair?


6. Which famous novel was renamed ‘Murder on the Calais Coach’ when it was released in the USA?

Murder on the Orient Express – Agatha Christie

7. What would a funeral director/undertaker commonly be called in the USA?


8. If you tried to buy a bottle of white spirit in the US, under what name would you find it?

Mineral spirits

9. What is a ‘Realtor’?

Estate Agent

10. When the 1970s hit UK comedy series ‘The Good Life’ was shown in America its name was changed to avoid confusion with an existing show. What did they rename the show?

Good Neighbors





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