Quiz 58

Famous Firsts

Quiz 58 – Round 2 – Famous Firsts

1. Which country won the first ever Eurovision Song Contest in 1956?


2. Which band was the first ever to perform on Top of the Pops?

Rolling Stones

3. Who was the first Queen of England in her own right?

Mary I

4. Who became the first Prime Minister of Australia in 1901?

Sir Edmund Barton

5. George Washington was the first ever President of the U.S.A – what was the first name of the first ‘First Lady’?


6. Who was the first person to be awarded the FWA Footballer of the Year award?

Stanley Matthews (1947/48 season)

7. Who was the first person to own a Facebook account?

Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook)

8. Which famous first did Lewis Washkansky receive on December 3rd, 1967?

First human heart transplant

9. In which year did Coronation Street first appear on UK screens?


10. In which country did the first ever football World Cup take place in July 1930?






Food and Drink Quiz

Quiz 58 – Round 3 – Food and Drink

1. From which plant is tapioca obtained?


2. What shape is ‘conchiglie’ pasta?


3. In the UK we call it coriander- what do they call it in the U.S.?


4. In which year was Marmite launched? 

1902 (accept answers within 2 years)

5. ‘Challah’ is consumed on the Jewish Sabbath – what type of foodstuff is it?


6. Bourbon whiskey is made primarily from which grain?

Corn (maize)

7. Which type of fish is used in a traditional Cullen skink recipe?


8. Which vegetable is often also called ‘ladies’ fingers’?


9. Which ‘glorious’ date is the start of the shooting season for Red Grouse?

12th August (Known as the ‘glorious twelfth’)

10. What is ‘Black Forest Gateau’ called in its native German?

Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte






Quiz 58 – Round 4 – Anagrams

This round is a selection of anagrams. All of the following can be rearranged to make the name of a famous singer.

1. Online Dice

Celine Dion

2. Jibes Tribune

Justin Bieber

3. Why Not Outshine

Whitney Houston

4. Lisp Severely

Elvis Presley

5. Drabber Artisans

Barbra Streisand

6. Nearby Priests

Britney Spears

7. Marble Boy

Bob Marley

8. Roman Rubs

Bruno Mars

9. Miserable Junk Tit

Justin Timberlake

10. Online Annex

Annie Lennox





Art and Literature Quiz Questions

Quiz 58 – Round 5 – Art and Literature

1. On which George Bernard Shaw play is the musical ‘My Fair Lady’ based?


2.What are the names of the two main characters who are endlessly ‘Waiting for Godot’ in the Samuel Beckett play?

Vladamir and Estragon

3. Which former MP has written novels entitled ‘The Ambassador’, ‘This Honourable House’ and ‘A Parliamentary Affair’?

Edwina Currie

4. Which artist painted ‘American Gothic’, a famous 20th Century artwork depicting a farmer holding a pitchfork and standing in front of a white house, alongside his daughter?

Grant Wood

5. Which Noël Coward play takes its name from a line in Shelley’s poem ‘To A Skylark’?

Blithe Spirit

6. In Greek mythology, what was the name of the father of Icarus, who created the wings with which they escaped from Crete?


7. What was the first name of the Russian painter Kandinsky?


8. In which 1982 novel will you find the characters Celie, Nettie, Harpo and Shug Avery?

The Color Purple (Alice Walker)

9. Which French artist who lives in London won the 2013 Turner Prize for her installation named ‘Wantee’?

Laure Prouvost

10. Which was the first children’s book by Roald Dahl to be published?

The Gremlins





Music quiz

Quiz 58 – Round 6 – Music

Of which songs are these the opening lines?

1. “This ain’t a song for the broken-hearted.”

It’s My Life – Bon Jovi

2. “In the time of chimpanzees I was a monkey.”

Loser – Beck

3. “Load up on guns, bring your friends.”

Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana

4. “She wanted to test her husband, she knew exactly what to do.”

Babooshka – Kate Bush

5. “Slow down, you move too fast, you got to make the morning last.”

The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy) – Simon & Garfunkel

6. “Dirty old river, must you keep rolling, flowing into the night.”

Waterloo Sunset – The Kinks

7. “Well sometimes I go out by myself and I look across the water.”

Valerie – Zutons/Amy Winehouse

8. “Guess it’s true, I’m not good at a one-night stand.”

Stay with Me – Sam Smith

9. “In the day we sweat it out on the streets of a runaway American dream.”

Born to Run – Bruce Springsteen

10. “I may not always love you, but as long as there are stars above you.”

God Only Knows – Beach Boys





Free Pub Quizzes

Quiz 58 – Round 7 – General Knowledge

1. The name of Dr. Who’s ‘Tardis’ is actually an acronym – for what does it stand?

Time and Relative Dimension(s) In Space

2. How was HM Prison Manchester known until 1990 and is also still commonly referred to as? 


3. How many old pennies equalled a florin?


4. Which actress played Pippa in ‘One Foot in the Grave’ and plays Jacqueline Stewart in ‘Benidorm’?

Janine Duvitski

5. How many cards are there in a total in the game of Cluedo?

21 (six weapons, six characters and nine rooms)

6. Which flag depicts a red disc on a green background offset slightly to one side?


7. Who played Captain Stephen Peacock in ‘Are You Being Served’?

Frank Thornton

8. What might be kept in a ‘formicarium’?


9. Which rock band is led by singer Billy Corgan?

The Smashing Pumpkins

10. In which year did a woman first win a ‘Best Director’ Oscar?

2009 (Kathryn Bigelow for ‘The Hurt Locker’)