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Quiz 57 – Round 7 – General Knowledge

1. The band Duran Duran are named after a character in which 1968 science-fiction film?


2. Which character in ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ famously asks for clarification with the words “a handbag?”?

Lady Bracknell

3. What does the J stand for in Homer J. Simpson?


4. Which of the four gospels omits the birth of Jesus?


5. ‘S’ is the international vehicle registration code for which country?


6. In which year did Pat Cash win the men’s Wimbledon singles title?


7. On a standard Monopoly board, which station will you find directly opposite King’s Cross?

Fenchurch Street Station

8.  What type of animal is a chamois?

Antelope (sometimes also described as a goat or goat-antelope)

9. Where is geothermal energy created and stored?

In the Earth

10. Jackson is the capital of which U.S. state?






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