Food and Drink Quiz

Quiz 57 – Round 3 – Food and Drink

1. From which country does Manchego cheese originate?


2. Which Chinese delicacy involves preserving eggs for up to several months, turning the yolk grey/green and the white a brown colour?

Century eggs (can also sometimes be known as pidan, preserved egg, hundred-year egg, thousand-year egg or even millennium egg!)

3. ‘Death in the Afternoon’ is a cocktail of absinthe and champagne which was invented by which famous author and journalist?

Ernest Hemingway

4. What are ‘chitterlings’?

Intestines (usually the small intestines of a pig)

5. In cookery terms, what is a ‘liaison’?

A sauce thickening agent

6. How many gallons are there in a firkin of ale?


7. What is contained in a dish described as ‘à la dubarry’?


8. ‘Amontillado’ is a type of what?


9. Which fruit is indigenous to Africa but was also imported to Jamaica and is now its national fruit?


10. From which plant is saffron obtained?






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