Quiz 56


Quiz 56 – Round 2 – Anagrams

The following are all anagrams of UK politicians.

1. Join Horn Boss

Boris Johnson

2. Sad Bell

Ed Balls

3. Random Advice

David Cameron

4. Baited Baton

Diane Abbott

5. Bland Duvet Kit

David Blunkett

6. Unchains Nit Maid

Iain Duncan Smith

7. Ordained Siren

Nadine Dorries

8. Trailing Radials

Alistair Darling

9. Puny Adornment

Penny Mordaunt

10. Mocking Yarn

Nicky Morgan





Science and Nature Quiz questions

Quiz 56 – Round 3 – Science and Nature

1. ‘Xe’ is the official abbreviation for which chemical element?


2. Which planet in our solar system is closest to the sun?


3. Who invented the jet engine?

Sir Frank Whittle

4. In which country are the Headquarters of ‘CERN’, the European Council for Nuclear Research?


5. Does sound travel faster through air or water?


6. What is the chemical formula for salt (sodium chloride)?


7. What, in the body, is the ‘inferior vena cava’?

A vein (large vein that carries deoxygenated blood from the lower half of the body to the heart)

8. Which element is number two in the periodic table?


9. What is the primary function of red blood cells?

To carry oxygen to all parts of the body

10. ‘Dry ice’ is a frozen form of which gas?

Carbon Dioxide






Quiz 56 – Round 4 – Celebrities

These celebrities are best known as a character or their alter ego – but do you know their real names?

1. Ali G

Sacha Baron Cohen

2. Keith Lemon

Leigh Francis

3. Vic Reeves

Jim (James) Moir

4. Lily Savage

Paul O’Grady

5. Alan Partridge

Steve Coogan

6. Mr Tumble

Justin Fletcher

7. Dame Edna Everage

Barry Humphries

8. Angelos Epithemiou

Dan Renton Skinner

9. Tony Clifton (Not exclusively this man, but started by him)

Andy Kaufman

10. Rab C. Nesbitt

Gregor Fisher





TV and Film quiz questions

Quiz 56 – Round 5 – TV and Film

1. Which TV soap is set in the fictional town of Letherbridge?


2. Which Holby City character is played by Rosie Marcel?

Jac Naylor

3. In which U.S. state is the film of ‘Fargo’ set?


4. Which actor appeared in all four of the following films: ‘Hot Fuzz’, ‘Love Actually’, ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1’ and ‘The Boat That Rocked’?

Bill Nighy

5. What is the name of the ‘posh’ couple from the Channel 4 show ‘Gogglebox’ who live in a Grade I listed home in Sandwich which they run as a B&B?

Dominic and Stephanie Parker

6. Which 1999 film starred Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Alan Rickman, Chris Rock, Salma Hayek and Alanis Morissette?


7. Which 1982 film had the tag-line ‘Man has made his match… now it’s his problem’?

Blade Runner

8. Which two actors played Arthur Dent in the 1981 TV series and the 2005 film version of ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’?

 Simon Jones and Martin Freeman

9. Which was the first and only ‘Wallace and Gromit’ film to date to be classed as a full-length feature instead of a short film?

The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

10. Which 1927 German science-fiction film later gained a soundtrack written by Giorgio Moroder?






Catchphrase Quiz

Quiz 56 – Round 6 – Quotes

Which historical figures are attributed with the following quotes?

1. “I came, I saw, I conquered.”

Julius Caesar

2. Doctor Livingstone, I presume?”

Henry Morton Stanley

3. “History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it.”

Winston Churchill

4. “I know that, like every woman of the people, I have more strength than I appear to have.”

Eva Peron

5. “All I need to make a comedy is a park, a policeman and a pretty girl.”

Charlie Chaplin

6. “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.”

Abraham Lincoln

7. “The important thing is not what they think of me, but what I think of them.”

Queen Victoria

8. “The unexamined life is not worth living.”


9. “An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.”

Mahatma Gandhi

10. “To err is human; to forgive, divine.”

Alexander Pope





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Quiz 56 – Round 7 – General Knowledge

1. What nationality was Alfred Nobel, after whom the Nobel prizes are named?


2. In which U.S. state is Pearl Harbor?


3. Which actress played Madge Harvey/Barron in ‘Benidorm’?

Sheila Reid

4. In the 2010 film ‘Despicable Me’, which actor provided the voice of ‘Gru’?

Steve Carrell

5. In which year was the Wall Street Crash?


6. On which continent is the Atacama Desert?

South America

7. What is the German word for ‘sausage’?


8. How many legs does a butterfly have?


9. How many people play in one polo team?


10. A spider is an insect – true or false?

False (Insects have 6 legs, 3 body parts and antennae. Spiders are arachnids with 8 legs, two body parts and no antennae)