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Quiz 55 – Round 4 – Sport

1. Which jockey was born in Milan on 15th December 1970?

Frankie Dettori

2. Which country has produced the most Men’s Singles Wimbledon Champions since the start of the Open Era in 1968?


3. Similarly, which country’s football team has won the World Cup the most times since it began in 1930?


4. What does the abbreviation ‘WD’ stand for when describing cricketing bowling statistics?

Wide balls

5. In a game of badminton, the winner is the first to reach how many points?


6. Over how many days is a decathlon usually contested?


7. Who was the world’s first footballer to be transferred for a price of over a million pounds (or foreign equivalent of!)?

Giuseppe Savoldi (transferred from Bologna to Napoli in 1975 for 2 billion Lira, the equivalent of £1.2 million)

8. In which year did the Premier League cease to be sponsored by Carling?


9. In which sport can one be awarded the Naismith Award?


10. Who won Gold in the Men’s Long Jump at the 2012 London Olympics?

Greg Rutherford





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