Quiz 53

Celebrity Initials Quiz

Quiz 53 – Round 2 – Celebrities

This Celebrity round is all about celebrity initials. We will give the name of a famous person who have initials in the most commonly used version of their name. You need to tell us what the initials stand for.

1. George W. Bush


2. K.D. Lang

Kathryn Dawn

3. A.A. Milne

Alan Alexander

4. J.M. Barrie

James Matthew

5.Samuel L. Jackson


6. Mary J. Blige


7. J.D. Salinger

Jerome David

8. J.R.R. Tolkien

John Ronald Reuel

9. O.J. Simpson

Orenthal James

10. Franklin D. Roosevelt



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Words quiz

Quiz 53 – Round 3 – Words

What is the proper definition of the word?

1. What is an agelast, is it…?

A – A person who never laughs

B – A wise Indian man

C – A person who appears to age more slowly than normal expectations

A – A person who never laughs

2. If someone is ventripotent, are they…?

A – Able to walk on a tightrope

B – Very gluttonous or have a large stomach

C – Scared of the open air

B – Very gluttonous or have a large stomach

3. What is quiddany, is it…?

A – A jelly or syrup made from fruit

B – The desire to make more and more money

C – An ancient sport similar to polo

A – A jelly or syrup made from fruit

4. What is terrazzo, is it…?

A – A type of earthenware pot

B – A style of painting with interlocking geometric shapes

C – A type of flooring

C – A type of flooring

5. What is xerophagy, is it…?

A – An x-ray process, whereby the camera must be partially inserted

B – A strict Christian fast, when only dry food (usually bread) may be eaten

C – The study of mathematical graphs

B – A strict Christian fast, when only dry food (usually bread) may be eaten

6. If something is cariogenic, does it…?

A – Provide calcium

B – Have many circles within

C – Cause tooth decay

C – Cause tooth decay

7. What is a yakow, is it…?

A – A cross between a yak and a cow

B – A rare type of bird related to the kestrel

C – A writing style originating from central Europe

A – A cross between a yak and a cow

8. What is a yad, is it…?

A – A pointer used by a reader of the Torah to follow text

B – An Old English word for a rogue

C – A small rodent, similar to a gerbil but native to Australasia

A – A pointer used by a reader of the Torah to follow text

9. What is narcolepsy, is it…?

A – A brain disorder causing sufferers to fall asleep and/or feel excessively drowsy

B – A foot disorder where sufferers often cannot feel their feet

C – A disorder whereby sufferers cannot tell the difference between day and night

A – A brain disorder causing sufferers to fall asleep and/or feel excessively drowsy

10. If someone is palamate, are they…?

A – Literate (another word for the same meaning)

B – Able to read palms

C – web-footed

C – web-footed





Food and Drink Quiz

Quiz 53 – Round 4 – Food and Drink

1. Which spirit forms the base of a piña colada?

Light Rum

2. ‘Mongongo’, ‘red bopple’ and ‘kurrajong’ are three strange-sounding types of what foodstuff?


3. ‘Northern Cape’, ‘Eastern Cape’ and ‘Western Cape’ are all wine-growing regions in which country?

South Africa

4. ‘Royal Sovereign’ is a type of which fruit?


5. Which word can be both a meat joint and a type of wine?


6. ‘Sekt’ is the German term for what?

Sparkling wine

7. What type of food is a ‘wampee’?

Fruit (resembling grapes)

8. Although recipes vary, what is a mix of star anise, cloves, cinnamon, pepper and fennel seeds commonly known as?

Five-spice powder

9. In which country is ‘Illy’ coffee produced?


10. How is the French snack ‘Croque-Monsieur’ different from a ‘Croque-Madame’?

A croque-madame is topped with an egg





Music quiz

Quiz 53 – Round 5 – Music

Who recorded the following albums?

1. The Dark Side of the Moon (1973)

Pink Floyd

2. Jagged Little Pill (1995)

Alanis Morissette

3. Sam’s Town (2006)


4. Speak Now (2010)

Taylor Swift

5. I Am…Sacha Fierce (2008)


6. Brothers in Arms (1985)

Dire Straits

7. Breakfast in America (1979)


8. Random Access Memories (2013)

Daft Punk

9. Dookie (1994)

Green Day

10. Believe (2012)

Justin Bieber





Art and Literature Quiz Questions

Quiz 53 – Round 6 – Art and Literature

1. ‘My Fair Lady’ is a musical based on which book?

Pygmalion – George Bernard Shaw

2. In Oscar Wilde’s ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’, what is Ernest’s real name?

John (Jack) Worthing

3. Who wrote the 1927 novel ‘Tarka the Otter’?

Henry Williamson

4. The English painter George Stubbs was known best for his paintings of which animals?


5. ‘July 28: Liberty Leading the People’ is an artwork hanging in the Louvre by which French artist?

Eugène Delacroix

6. Who wrote the poem ‘Kubla Khan’?

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

7. What is the name of the dog who accompanies Noddy on many of his adventures?

Bumpy Dog

8. What is the second name of Wendy, John and Michael in the Peter Pan stories?


9. In which Shakespeare play would you find characters called Rosalind, Orlando, Jaques and Celia?

As You Like It

10.On BBC’s ‘Desert Island Discs’, which two works of literature are guests automatically given?

The Complete Works of Shakespeare and the Bible (or other appropriate religious scripture)





Free Pub Quizzes

Quiz 53 – Round 7 – General Knowledge

1. In the 1986 film ‘Labyrinth’ starring David Bowie, which actress played the young Sarah?

Jennifer Connelly

2. What is the name for a female donkey?

Jenny (or Jennet)

3. Which German singer sang about 99 red balloons?


4. Whose books include ‘Dead Heat’, ‘Dead Cert’ and ‘Under Orders’?

Dick Francis

5. How many years did the ‘Hundred Years’ War’ actually last?

116 years

6. In which group was England during their short stay in the 2014 World Cup?

Group D

7. Who played Lieutenant Colonel Nicholson in the 1957 film ‘The Bridge on the River Kwai’?

Alec Guinness

8. Which is the largest of the Canary Islands?


9. ‘Callisto’ is the second largest moon of which planet?


10. In which county is Windsor Castle?