Pub Quiz Questions

Quiz 5 – Round 7 – General Knowledge

1. What can be both a type of monkey and a type of blood?


2. Homerton is a College of which university?


3. How many legs do butterflies have?


4. Which country was originally scheduled to host the 1940 summer Olympics, before its cancellation due to the outbreak of the Second World War?

Japan (The games were originally scheduled to be held in Tokyo, they were then changed to Helsinki, and then cancelled due to the war)

5. What is the capital city of Croatia?


6. What is stored in a Bodega?


7. The lotus is the national flower of which country?


8. Who released the single ‘Stars over 45’ in 1981?

Chas n’ Dave

9. How many sides are there on a dodecahedron?


10. What is the correct collective noun for a group of gorillas?

A band





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