Quiz 48 – Round 6 – People

This round is all about groups or pairs of famous siblings (mostly musical, but not all). We will give you their first names, you tell us how they are/were better known collectively. We’ve given you a surname too where we think it necessary!

1. Robin, Barry and Maurice

The Bee Gees

2. Karen and Richard

The Carpenters

3. Phil and Don

The Everly Brothers

4. Joel and Ethan

The Cohen Brothers

5. Charlie and Craig Reid

The Proclaimers

6. Kim, Debbie, Joni and Kathy

Sister Sledge

7. Paul and Phil Hartnoll


8. Orville and Wilbur

The Wright Brothers

9. Isaac, Taylor and Zac


10. Joy, Teddie and Babs

The Beverley Sisters





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